Man, I Could Really Go For A Pretzel Right Now

Chimpy is having a helluva time at the G8 summit. But what’s that he’s drinking so eagerly? It’s variously described as a “cold drink” and a “non-alcoholic beer”. Looks like the real deal to me. Does Germany even produce any non-alcholic beers? Seems like blasphemy.

Every recovering alcoholic I know won’t touch a “non-alcoholic” beer, and those beverages do indeed contain some alcohol.

AP Photo/Christophe Ena

AP PHOTO/CP,Fred Chartrand

AP Photo/Fred Chartrand, CP

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AP Photo/Christophe Ena

24 thoughts on “Man, I Could Really Go For A Pretzel Right Now

  1. Little Shrub never called himself an alcoholic, did he? Or did he? That’s a factoid I’d prefer to keep in the “Misc” file and not in my actual head. Certainly he’s no “recovering alcoholic.” He’s just a dry drunk, which I guess was Holden’s point. Only not so dry now, apparently. Cheers! How ’bout a neck rub, Angela?
    Peace, V.

  2. Sheesh
    From looking at these pics and a few others it doesn’t look like anyone else is drinking anything other than that glass of what appears to be water.
    But I guess don’t fret because the Lord is in charge of his recovery as all other matters or at least that’s been W’s story.

  3. But I guess don’t fret because the Lord is in charge of his recovery as all other matters or at least that’s been W’s story.
    Damn, the Lord’s sure doing a crappy job then.
    In some corners, having a “non” alco beer would be referred to as your basic slippery slope.

  4. Christ. You’d think a lifelong drunk would know how to pour a beer that wouldn’t be half head.
    That’s the real outrage here.

  5. Interesting comment, V. , one I’ve not seen much discussed. No, he doesn’t refer to himself as an alcoholic, and I’m sure he doesn’t see himself as one. He “stopped drinking” because Laura wanted him to, but that (in his own mind) didn’t make him fess up to alcoholism. Never did therapy, never did rehab, never did AA. The reason people do AA , is that without it, you never recognized the harm that your drinking has done to others. I used to work for a doc who was an addictionologist. He used to say that alcoholics were the most selfish people in the world. (He counted himself as an alcoholic). He said that alcoholics don’t even really see anyone else. It’s always all about them. Thus, in 12 step programs you must come to terms with the effect you’ve had on other people. Many many people simply CANNOT do that step. It’s too painful, too hard. This sounds like Prez. Decider to me. I’m sure he thinks that stop drinkin’ thing applies to those loser alcoholics, certainly not to him.

  6. It’s my understanding that the issue of NA beer is a fractured one in the AA community. Others may have a different perspective.

  7. Now if only he had put his pinky in the air when drink would we have had him!
    He’s fallen off the wagon and is lite in the loafers!

  8. …I was struck years ago by a commercial for alcoholics anonymous. In it, they had people stand testimony and say, “I am a recovering alchoholic” (sober six months, two years, twenty years).
    Having been an alcoholic, one will always be recovering.
    But this guy? Sheesh.

  9. I love the new design of the blog.
    President Bush has always taken the tact that he’s not “clinically” an alcoholic. I guess that means he never got drunk in a clinic. Otherwise, it has no real meaning.
    He sure is sucking them down good to squeeze every bit of that .5% alcohol content out of it.
    What a loser.

  10. If the White House can forge documents that said Iraq is seeking uranium yellowcake from Niger I think they can put Coors Light in Buckler bottles.

  11. Hey are those lines of coke on the table???

    they tried to make me go to rehab
    but I say
    no no no
    I aint got the time,
    And if my Daddy thinks im fine,
    He’s tried to make me go to rehab,
    I wont go, go, go

  12. FWIW:
    Like (almost) any good Wisconsin native, I used to drink too much beer, and on a pretty regular basis. But after a number of years, I stopped. Whether it was getting my one and only DUI, or turnng 30, or a little of both, I couldn’t really say. I will say that I didn’t have much trouble quitting, didn’t go to AA or do 12 steps etc., so maybe that means I wasn’t/am not an alcoholic (the Catch 22 of it: it was easy to quit, so I’m not a drunk, so I could probably have kept drinking, in which case I wouldn’t have quit, so maybe I am).
    But maybe once a year or so, I might find myself in a social situation where I end up drinking a beer. But just one. It doesn’t lead to a 2nd that day/night. It doesn’t mean I wake up the next morning craving another. From a “slippery slope” “falling off the wagon” perspective, it is a total non-event. The next day, the next month, the next year pass completely unchanged by the fact of that one beer.
    Whether that’s unusual, whether it relates in any way to what is happening with George in the pictures, I can’t say.
    But can a guy have had a drinking problem long in the past, and drink a beer, and have that event be meaningless? I’m here to tell you, the answer is yes.

  13. <iBut can a guy have had a drinking problem long in the past, and drink a beer, and have that event be meaningless?
    First, in one aspect, one could say the entire G8 is meaningless, given what the US brought. We’re going to begin to start to think about climate change, in 2050? Riiiiight.
    Second,with all due respect for you, the “guy” in your example, you (unless you’re playing it pretty close to your chest) are not the POTUS. Bush is, and that makes him our employee. He works for us. We worry.
    Third, your behavior over the last several years, doesn’t include score upon score of actions that, at best, can be described as “questionable”and/or self-destructive and at worst, have been proven to be corrupt, criminal, possibly even sociopathic. Behavior, remember, that is writ large, on a truly global scale, with monumental consequences. Sins of commission and omission alike. So, again, we worry.
    So, to wrap up, one of our employees, with a well-documented substance abuse problem, from family of origin with a variety of multi-generational substance abuse issues, has been royally f*cking up on the job for years, has cost us billions of dollars, has engaged in actions both self-destructive and destructive to well, pretty much the rest of the world. Said employee is in a well-documented crisis and/or tailspin since management at work changed, but is under contract we apparently cannot break for another year or so.
    Said employee has been rumored to have returned to substance abuse, and in this instance, is engaging openly in social drinking behavior with a group of peers, albeit with a ‘non-alcoholic’beer.
    We worry.

  14. News reports today say Bush was sidelined with a “stomach ailment” yesterday morning and had to postpone some meetings til later in the day. Maybe he was just too hungover after all that non-alcoholic beer.

  15. Virgo, Re: those lyrics above. I just heard that song on somebody’s myspace page the other day. I thought it was possibly the dumbest song I’d heard in at least six months. Am I missing something? Anyway, weird that you should mention it.
    Oh yeah, and Bush is a criminal, drunk or not.
    – TCFKAWW11

  16. I’ve been sober 3 and a half years and I drink n/a beers every once in a while when I’m in a social situation where other people are drinking.
    Some people in AA say you shouldn’t, but then again, some people in AA say you shouldn’t take aspirin for a headache.
    Whether or not it has some infinitesimal amount of alcohol in it (and if Buckler over there is the same as Buckler over here, that’s *less* than 0.5% ABW) is not nearly as important as whether or not it’s a relapse trigger for the individual in question, and every individual is different. Some people can’t even walk past a bar. Some people can’t use cough syrup or Nyquil. Some people avoid rum raisin ice cream. Some people can handle all or some of the above. Every person is different, every person’s sobriety is different.
    There are a billion reasons to despise George Bush, but as an ex-drunk I’m not going to go passing judgement on his recovery. That’s between him, his sponsor(s), and his Higher Power (who is probably named Dick or Karl).

  17. Derelict, the song’s by Amy Winehouse, and I love it. She’s a complete trainwreck but a very talented singer and performer.
    and Ray, you are obviously a highly principled individual.
    I’m not, esp when it comes to Bush. I will take his inventory six ways from Sunday.

  18. Amen, Ray. If people are going to hit on Bush for the concept of his alcoholism, they’d better at least know what they’re talking about.
    I would GUESS that Bush is or has been drinking again, if I had to judge from his actions and public life alone. It would APPEAR that he has.
    These photos are not just a guess, but they are not PROOF that he is drinking again. Too bad. I’d like to see them, if they exist, very much indeed. He is our employeee.
    But I can’t condemn or even judge Bush TOO harshly for drinking the best non-alcoholic beer on the market, fresh from the brewery, no doubt. I was just looking for a six of it today in the store and they were out, dammit…
    I want this monkey impeached and in jail. But this is not a smoking gun of anything more than a GUESS that Bush has had a drink since he stopped. I’ll take the National Enquirer’s word for it, but I’d much rather SEE the photo. Anyway.

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