Political Appointees… without a (new) Plan or a Clue

On Saturday Iposted an article regarding national security experts’ warning of a crisis in national security come the 2009 transition because DHS is so heavily stacked with political appointees. However we don’t have to wait until 2009 to see the problem of the first and second tier of DHS being run by Bush loyalists.

On Monday Keith Olberman interviewed Michael Boyd an Aviation Security Consultant regarding the JFK terror plot. Boyd characterized the plot as “just nuts” but he focused primarily on the point of political appointees running national security agencies and the effects of that now. Here are some of his comments beginning with the effect on the economy if the fuel supply to 5 or 6 airports were to be disrupted…

They didn‘t even focus on that. They focused as if somehow or other,
this would be one giant incendiary event. And what that says is, very
clearly, these are not real security people. I mean, the terrorists
they caught, supposedly, were not black belts in terrorism. And these
guys aren‘t black belts in counterterrorism either.


Well, the problem is, our security—Homeland Security and the
Transportation Security Administration is not run by security
professionals. It‘s run by political appointees. And political
appointees look to cover themselves and to look good rather than to do
the job. And that‘s why we‘re no safer than we were on 9/11, because
we have the same problems we‘ve always had.

In other security news FEMA informed 2 congressional subcommittees they had missed their deadline of June1 for the revision of the National Response Plan and they don’t know when they will have a revised plan…

Mississippi Reps. Bennie Thompson, D-Bolton, and Gene Taylor, D-Bay
St. Louis, sat on a panel during a Monday afternoon hearing on the
current state of disaster preparedness along the Gulf Coast. They and
other House members questioned four expert witnesses offering testimony
on hurricane preparedness.

Thompson grilled a FEMA official
particularly hard about a rewritten disaster response plan he said the
agency promised Congress would be ready by last week.

But Phil
May, FEMA’s Region IV administrator, admitted under questioning that
the plan was not yet ready. He also offered no firm date when it may be

That was not what Thompson, chairman of the House
Homeland Security Committee, wanted to hear. Obviously dismayed, he cut
off questioning soon after May’s admission. (my emphasis)

And how are we safer now?

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