New Orleans may try to get pledged foreign aid that feds failed to collect

Back in April we learned the extent to which the federal government dropped the ball on nearly $1 billion of foreign aid for the Gulf Coast. Now the city of New Orleans may try to pick up the ball…

“We are
trying to go around the federal government,” said Nagin. “We are trying
to contact foreign governments directly to see if we can get some of
those dollars coming here.”

Council Vice-President Oliver Thomas introduced a resolution at a
recent council meeting to have the city start contacting the countries.
“Is the offer still on the table?” Thomas said the city should ask. “If
so, how soon can we access the resources or goods.”

Whether the city
could tap into the offers from foreign governments wasn’t clear, but
Senator Mary Landrieu said there is no federal law to prohibit the city
from soliciting donations on its own.

2 thoughts on “New Orleans may try to get pledged foreign aid that feds failed to collect

  1. Amen!!! I will be happy to write “Thank you” notes in various languages – something the shrub-ministration wouldn’t have done even if they had taken the aid initially.
    “New Orleans, brought back to life by the resident folks that pulled themselves up by their bootstraps – and then took the bootstraps to the federal government and now the gov’t can’t sit down for a few months due to the welts on their pork-laden behind!”
    🙂 Blessings Nola, I hope to be there soon to tug on my bootstraps and work alongside the rest of you!

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