13 thoughts on “String update…

  1. I think all will be well in the end
    Ummm… in the end?
    I’m betting that you don’t let Willie proofread these posts, do you?
    (Yay, Willie!)

  2. Guess string is easier to get rid of than tennis ball partz…?
    Mebbe we need to send Lola and Willie to remedial nutrition courses?

  3. I was sort of afraid to click the “string” link- sooooo glad it wasn’t a pic of the “artifact.”
    if he can pass some, he can most likely pass all.
    and of course, the experience won’t teach him a damn thing.

  4. HeeHee…virgotex I did for a moment consider offering a pic but decided there Must be SOME boundaries here at least

  5. gee, i thought it was a pun about what came out of his rear END.
    my fear with the spares was their love of chewing on cords. sybil killed a few headphone ears. she still wants to chew. so far the cell phone charging cord has been saved.

  6. You cat lovers just don’t know how well off you are. My golden retriever eats everything from bricks to cat droppings – he probably would have made short work of the string.
    One summer he was sick as a …dog… for a month or two, until I figured out he was eating green tomatoes in my garden – they are poison to dogs. Since then I haven’t been able to grow any tomatoes.
    But, he still survives, now with severe arthritus, tumors everywhere, and still that beautiful playful disposition. (And, he still loves the treats cats leave for him.)

  7. If I may make a suggestion, try getting some of that “Hairball Control” stuff from, say, Hartz, which is basically mineral oil with flavouring. (My cat loves the salmon flavour, which I call “salmon gunk, and it keeps his inner workings very happy, which is good.) That ought to lubricate anything left in there and help it come out.
    Look at the ears and paws on him! He’s going to be huge, like he isn’t already…

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