Last week Iwrote about the Bush administration’s throwing a monkey wrench in Louisiana’s plan to rebuild Charity Hospital. Well Gov Blanco now has a plan to work around the feds on this and help out the Road Home program. From the Times Picayune

Gov. Kathleen Blanco came up with a plan Sunday to help patch the
Road Home shortfall and simultaneously bypass her dispute with
Washington conservatives over a proposed Charity Hospital in New

The governor will rely solely on state money to build the medical
facility, then shift federal recovery dollars allocated to the hospital
to fill in the Road Home gap.

Her move
takes the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development out of
the equation in deciding how to proceed on the medical center at a time
when HUD, the Bush administration and U.S. Sen. David Vitter, R-La.,
have become increasingly skeptical of the scope of her hospital plan.

Details at the TP link