Fine, Be That Way

Man, when I thought the Townhouse list was just a few friends of Kos, I wasn’t really hurt that I wasn’t on it, but now that I know it was 300 people? I feel like the girl at the party who has breath so bad nobody can stand to speak to her, but nobody has the balls to mention it, either. So she’s just standing in the corner, wondering why her polite hello’s repel people from 50 feet away.

Last June, Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, former soldier, one-time Reagan Republican, and proprietor of the wildly successful liberal blog Daily Kos, sent an email to an invitation-only listserv known as Townhouse. Consisting of some 300 liberal bloggers, journalists, activists, and consultants, the list was an outgrowth of weekly strategy sessions held at a D.C. bar—a forum for brainstorming on issues and tactics, and a means of creating a “unified message,” as Moulitsas later put it.

If one of you assholes would have just told me, I would have bought some Mentos or something. God, I thought you were my friends.


ps. I’m kidding. Mostly. Just promise you’ll tell me if I really do have scorching halitosis or something, okay? Basic hygiene is important.

11 thoughts on “Fine, Be That Way

  1. Maybe it’s the ferrets? I mean, catblogging is one thing–but ferrets? Just ask the New York mayor about those.

  2. I say we declare ourselves the NEW kool kids and be done with it.
    If you do NOT get an email from the New Kool Kids list that means you are on the list! (how’s that for logic?)
    Personally I’m kind of bummed nobody bothered to invite me to the big Take Back America conference 🙁
    I’ve been working pretty damn hard to help take back America in the talk radio world and in the pet food world (say yes to Country of origin labeling say no to poison for our pets!)
    But as long as I’m on your kool kids list I’m happy.

  3. Fuck them. You really want to hang out with a bunch of people that an asshole like Markos thinks are cool?
    You’re a New Orleans Geek Blogger. You *are* The Cool Kids. 20 years from now they’ll all be imitating us trying to pretend they were one of us the way some people try to claim they saw Nirvana in a club “before they sold out”.
    (p.s. I did see Nirvana in a half-empty club once, getting blown off the stage by Mudhoney. Good times.)

  4. Start a Pie War or two. That might help.
    (ancient internet history, I know, but that’s the last thing I remember from my hanging out at Kos)

  5. A, seriously — Kos didn’t include you in Townhall?
    Lady, give him the credit he deserves. He can’t come close to your skills in logic or argumentation or writing. He knew he couldn’t hold a candle to you, and he was afraid it would be bloody obvious in person.
    (Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, we’re all supposed to worship in the Orange Shadow, or something. Hell with it, I’m quarter-blood Corellian, and I’m ex-military too. I thought Reagan was the worst thing that ever happened to this country from the time I was 21 until the time I was 40. BushII hit that year, and things have gone steadily downhill since. Hurricane George has really left us in a mess, gang.)

  6. Pieeeeee!
    I likes me some cherry pie. Apple pie. Peach custard pie. Mom’s strawberry rhubarb pie.
    I takes me a fresh baked pie, add a quart of ice cream on top, a big spoon, spot in front of TV with reruns of Hanna Barbera cartoons playing.
    Nothing better than hot cherry pie, french vanilla ice cream and Huckleberry Hound.
    Besides, pie don’t give you bad breath.
    Markos don’t like pie. Fascist!

  7. Ahem. A post about pies and you didn’t invite moi? waaaah.
    (Chocolate meringue. Not to be confused with merengue.)

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