4 thoughts on “High School Kid PWNS O’Reilly

  1. My, my, we are a little thin skinned, aren’t we, Bill? I LOVE that the kid quotes O’Reilly’s own book to him.
    Also notice that the other kid (the one O’Reilly fawned on) admitted that he’d suffered no bad consequences for his position, but in the same breath said that lots of people were afraid to speak out against the assembly for fear of — and this was his word — persecution. I think O’Reilly sees something of himself in that kid.

  2. So, now that we have exposed all of us, who normally stay as far away from Oreily’s porn, to the filth that he spouts, is First Draft going to pay for the dry cleaning bills that will ensue? I mean, I’m not even sure that my dry cleaner can get all of the smell off my clothes, even using the strongest most carcinogenic solvents he can find. By the way, where can you buy good strong lye soap nowadays – I need a shower too?

  3. Yay for my Boulder peeps! I’m not surprised that Jesse was able to kick O’Reilly’s butt so easily. Papa Bear loves to quote out of context, and Jesse prepared himself well to counter that.
    Let’s hope others watch this and learn from a teenager how to make O’Reilly look like the idiot he is.
    As for the other boy, yeesh, my pet rock could clean his clock in a debate.

  4. p.s. It just occurred to me–has anybody pimped this clip to Colbert? It’s right up his alley.

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