Today on Athenae’s Obsession with the Freepi: Gore Derangement Syndrome

Right now, I’m having a nice warm piece of angel food cake with some kind of coconut glaze thing on it. Mmmm, cake, the breakfast of champions.

Okay, now that we’ve gotten today’s pleasant things out of the way, let’s talk about the unpleasant.The Freepi ain’t pleased about the recognition for our 43rd president:

Let me know when they give the prize to Reagan, then it may actually mean something.

I mean, nobody in the world did anything to create or promote peace? Nobody? Bush created democracy for 50,000,000 more people in the last couple of years and he doesn’t even get nominated? Hell, killing Zawahiri has done more to bring peace in the Middle East than almost any other single action. Forcing Bin Laden to hide in a freakin’ cave so he can’t kill anybody else created peace. But NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Bummer. I was pulling for Rush.

While Fat Al and the other psychos are off tilting at windmills, people are dying in Darfur, Iraq, Burma, Israel, Zimbabwe etc. What the heck does “climate change” have to do with peace anyways when then are wars going on? Why is he not using his influence to make real peace somewhere? There is no shortage of opportunity to really save some lives by negotiating peace somewhere.

I suppose he lost touch with reality back in 2000, and never recovered. The Nobel Peace Prize has become the “Liberal Idol” competition, except that America doesn’t get to vote. Oh wait…

I am thinking.

Assume a dem is the next Pres {mostly due to internal republican politics and our falling apart}.

Would you rather Hillary or Al?

I have to say, while Al gives me a more visceral nauseated feeling, Hill is more dangerous. Al would destroy the economy but Hill would change the country.

Guys? Shhh. It’sthinking.


4 thoughts on “Today on Athenae’s Obsession with the Freepi: Gore Derangement Syndrome

  1. I hate to fact check Freepi but “killing Zawahiri has done more to bring peace in the Middle East than almost any other single action” is just too wrong for me to let slide.
    FYI Freepi: Zawhari is alive.
    I know it’s hard to follow the plot in the War on Terror but if you don’t know Zawahiri is alive I’m not sure what show you are watching.

  2. While I don’t allow myself into the sludge pits of Freeperland, I did notice during the first 45 minutes of Washington Journal this morning that heads were exploding one right after another.
    The cutest part was when these chuckleheads acted like they understood climate science, like, way better than Al Gore and all those so-called experts. I, for one, was completely convinced by their unsourced ramblings.
    You can enjoy it, too:
    Just go here
    and click on today’s show (October 12th) to get the streamed version from the archives.

  3. Wow. Do you think the guy who said that Bush “created democracy” for 50,000,000 people really BELIEVED that? That’s a really scary thought.

  4. Even if Aghanistan and Iraq were sunshine and roses Bush would be the President that watched Russia slide back into totalitarianism. And Iraq and Afghanistan ain’t roses and sunshine.

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