Your President Speaks!

Yesterday, at theWhite House, during a CNBC Interview.

Lay-offs Are Exciting!

A couple of factors, I think, trouble Americans. One is that there’s a lot of churning in the job market. In other words, if you’re under 30, you’re likely to have had seven jobs by the time you’re 30. And older people like me take a look at that kind of volatility or some would call it excitement in the job market, and they wonder whether or not this job turnover is going to affect them.

There Has Been Concerns

Secondly, there’s been concerns about health care. People want to know whether or not, one, the government’s going to stay out of their business, and two, whether or not this is going to be good policy that’ll enable them to have affordable and available health care.

They Wonder Whether Or Not Their Promises Will Be Made

People are concerned about their pensions to a certain extent. There’s still–you know, we’ve transitioned from defined contribution–or defined benefit to a defined contribution plan. And yet there are still some who are involved with defined, you know, benefits. And they wonder whether or not their promises will be made.

If There Is More Customers

In other words, if there’s more customers for what we produce here in America, the better off the producers will be.

What Better Jobs Have Got

And what’s very important for people like me who believe in markets is one, to explain the economic benefits, but also to assure people that there’s trade adjustment programs to help people retrain for better jobs that have got stability.

People That Are Defaulted

There’s no question there are particularly some people on the margin that are going to have to–that are defaulted on their loans, and that troubles me.

I’m The Refinacer!

And the solution, it seems like to me, is not more government or more regulation, but to help people refinance their homes, is to–I have some transparent policies as well as counseling polices that find people, identified people and encouraged them to go to refinance their homes, and to encourage the lenders to be, you know, refinancers.

In The Housing

What happened, it seems like to me in the housing, again, I’m not an expert, but there was a lot of incentive for people to, you know, buy homes.

CNBC Transriber In Shock

I believe the best health care policy is to take care of those who can’t help themselves, like poor children, and encouraged those…(unintelligible)…in the private sector.

Warrior Kids

And I was able to do so working with the Congress, and at the same time, fight a war and make sure our kids had the support and troops–equipment they needed.

His Idea Was Is

Well, my idea in Social Security was is that rather than putting your money into a trust that was not generating a rate of return that was fair, that you ought to be allowed to take some of your money and set it aside in a personal account.

A Part Of The Portion

In other words, it’s setting aside a part of the portion of your contribution in the Social Security system, which I think is vastly different from what she proposed.

The Initial Blush

To work with Congress and say, `Look, let’s set priorities and meet those priorities,’ and be willing to use the veto if they want to overspend, which the initial blush looks like they’re going to try to do.

One Of The Best Economic Measure We Can Do

By the way, one of the best economic measures we can do is make sure we don’t get attacked again.

Damn Fancy Words

And we’ve…(unintelligible)…a billion gallons of ethanol to eight billion gallons of ethanol on an annual basis, and we’re spending a fair amount of taxpayers’ money on research and development on cellulosic ethanol, which is a fancy word for using like wood chips to make ethanol or corn–or stalks or switchgrass.

Drain Bamage

And I actually use old ways in a safe way to produce electricity where I’m for clean–you know, new nuke, new nuclear power plants, because I believe the engineering is safe, and I know that, you know, nuclear power is good for the environment.

The Contitutional Instinct

Well, I think it’s going–there’s been a change in Iraq because people are now beginning to feel more secure. And when people feel more secure, they take a–more of a risk toward, you know, following their instincts, which is to have a peaceful society under a constitution that they voted for.

Five, Fifteen — Whatever

We’re moving troops out. As David Petraeus said, we’ll be able to reduce, you know, from 20 battalions to five–or 15 over–till next July.

We Are Embiggened By The Embetterment

And–in the meantime, however, there’s reconciliation taking place at the grassroots level, at which people are–people are coming together at the local government and providing services and taking federal monies being distributed throughout the country and using it for the embetterment of their people.

WTF? Did “Embetter” Some Up In His Alphabet Soup?

This country is missing great opportunities through trade for people to embetter their life and the government–if the government would change its polices toward development or gaining the know how on how to make a nuclear weapon it would be–benefit the Iranian people.

A Herd Of Gots

I got–you got to understand, I’ve got a lot on my–on my agenda and I really hadn’t–I hadn’t got there yet.

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  1. “And I was able to do so working with the Congress, and at the same time, fight a war and make sure our kids had the support and troops–equipment they needed.”
    Was this edited? Was this transcribed leaving out that Commander Codpiece said he did it all with one hand tied behind his back?

  2. I do so like that the first thing he said people were worried about was government’s staying out of their business. Was this a Freudian slip, perhaps? Thinking about the Schiavo mess, and the FISA spying business, and the screaming about the proper wearing of flag pins, and the government’s trying to determine who can and can’t get married and have children, yeah, I am a little worried about the government’s ability to stay out of my business. It’s not the first thing I worry about when it comes to health care, of course.

  3. In other words, if you’re under 30, you’re likely to have had seven jobs by the time you’re 30
    WTF??? What does this mean?? 7 jobs by the time you’re 30?? Where the fuck did he get that statistic?? Jesus, isn’t it something how he makes even less sense when he tries to clarify a point?? By the way, George, if you’re in your 40’s or 50’s, it’s not exciting when you lose your job – you’re royally fucked!

  4. Holy quacking duckshit, Holden. How do you do it? I can’t read more than one sentence at a time without feeling pain in my brain. Owowowowow. Wine helpsh.

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