Ride A Naked Pony

Chimpy’s job approval rating fell four points in the newHarris Interactive Poll.

Bush Job Approval Rating

Approve: 27% (one point over his record 26% rating in July)

Disapprove: 72% (one point below his record high of 73% in July)

Dick Cheney Job Approval Rating

Approve: 23%

Disapprove: 72%

Here’s some verbiage for you.

After a small rise in September, President George W. Bush’s job performance numbers have dropped to right above his lowest ever. Currently, just over one-quarter (27%) of U.S. adults view his job performance positively. The lowest recorded in The Harris Poll® was 26 percent in July of this year. Almost three-quarter of adults (72%) view the president’s job performance in a negative light. In September 2007, three in ten (31%) viewed his job performance positively and two-thirds (67%) negatively.

Vice President Dick Cheney also continues to see near record low job approval – just less than one quarter (23%) of adults view him in a positive light. Like the president, almost three-quarters (72%) view his job performance negatively.

Two-thirds of adults (67%) currently view the country as having seriously gotten off on the wrong track while just 22 percent say it is going in the right direction. This is down from September when one-quarter (24%) said things were going in the right direction while 63 percent believed things in the country had gotten off on the wrong track.