Happy Kerry Photo: Hee Edition

(God, that smile stillkills me. I need help.)

But seriously, Kerry calls up this guy and says, “So HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO SUCK MY BALLS?”

So this guy who funded the Swift Boat Liars, T Bone Pickens a couple of days ago at a American Spectator Dinner. Attendance to which must be one of the painful things imaginable. Lets face it any dinner where Krauthammer gets the Barbara Olson Award for Excellence & Independence in Journalism has to be excruciating (I’m not joking.) Don’t these people know that irony is dead?


But here is the good part, Kerry sends a letter to Pickens stating, I’ll take that bet.


4 thoughts on “Happy Kerry Photo: Hee Edition

  1. Kerry is still a puff. He sends a letter? I am so impressed.
    Let’s see Kerry go ahead and arrange a venue in Pickens’ home area, send out invitations to Pickens and Jerry Corsi plus a few hundred voters, bloggers and press (plus live webcast) and then present the proof in detail. The audience(s) then need to be polled on their verdict. Swift Boaters lie? Yes or No.
    Pickens and Corsi can appear to counter and defend their statements or not but the event needs to be large, publicly staged, broadcast, comprehensive and well prepared.
    If Kerry does the above then I’ll retract and support him. But until then, please A don’t go having a happy orgasm because Kerry sent a letter to Boone. It is FOUR fucking YEARS too fucking LATE!

  2. It would be fun to do what Notanumber suggested and then use that money to fund groups that fight the Swift Vets type attacks.
    I wish that rich people would realize that they need to fund groups to work against people like Picken’s and his groups. These are the groups and people that are destroying the “civil political discourse” in America.

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