8 thoughts on “I Want A Fistfight

  1. Gore in a knockout…and he won’t even have to use his fist…his weapon is pretty much like Oliver Willis’ tag ling “Like Kryptonite to Stupid”!!! 🙂 Sure, the shrubnit will probably throw some intended insult like “you may be smarter, but lookie who’s prezdint!?” and (the real) President Gore will just smile kindly and look down at him the way you do at an aging pet you had to take on because some old codger in a judge’s black robe insisted you take care of upon their death…a pet that never really caught on to housetraining and is about to poop his last on the carpet (that one is going to replace anyway w/some nice reclaimed hardwood flooring) before going to the vet for that long-awaited injection to put him out of everyone’s misery and least of all the incontinent pet’s own.
    Now, if only we could find a cigar box big enough and plant him under the rose garden – all that (in-)humanly compost should do wonders…at least he would provide something in an expired state that he couldn’t do in ambulatory form – be helpful!!!

  2. Elspeth’s right — guaranteed Bush will do his patented (and immensely annoying) “You’re the brain and I’m a C student but I’m the President!” routine.
    And Gore is so much the better man that he won’t lower himself to respond in kind. Well-mannered people, people who were brought up right, don’t stoop to that level. They “shame them” by behaving well even in the face of rudeness and idiocy.
    My God, I just channeled my grandmother!

  3. Bush: Heh heh, you won th’ No-Bell prize, but I’m th’ Decider!
    Gore: You sure are. How’s that 25% approval rating working out for you?

  4. You know no matter how much we want a verbal take down we won’t get it. Because the media would totally spin it in Bush’s favor. Bush will be positioned as the underdog instead of the bully that he is.
    Al Gore won. He won the first election he won the Nobel Prize. He has an Oscar and he is a good man. Bush is a loser and cheater and a liar. He has failed and fraked up the country. A verbal smack down of him in person by Gore might make us feel better but it won’t put him on trial for war crimes.
    On the other hand it would be WONDERFUL to see, and I’d play it over and over like the Nixon resignation tapes.

  5. Let’s just hope Bush choses to ad lib his remarks. That will give Holden ample opportunity to do his thing, and will, as usual reveal the real GW for all to see, toilet paper hanging from his partially zipped pants, spinach leaf on the incisor, mis-matched shoes, and, of course, the missing brain.

  6. I’m still wondering how Al Gore, who has certainly proved himself above and beyond anything he might have felt compelled to do, wound up (or stays with) Tipper. Eesh… I’m sort of wondering how a guy who could win the Nobel Prize for his work on climate change could be married to a woman who made quite a political career for herself in the ’80s and ’90s as a censorious blue-nosing shill for the Religious Right.
    That woman made a lot of trouble for a lot of bands and artists I like (or liked) back in the day, thanks to her involvement with the PMRC and their handbook of “good information” (some of which claimed that the Star of David was a Satanic symbol), and I’ve never quite forgotten that, nor am I ready to forgive it. If she’s apologised or atoned for it in any way, I’ve never heard about it.
    If Jenna and Tipper mixed it up, I wouldn’t know whom to root for, frankly.

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