5 thoughts on “Last Night’s Debate

  1. he has the bush charm down. and can speak in complete sentences.
    amerika and men will go for huckleberry.

  2. Rudy scares me on a more visceral level, hell most of them do i.e., unitary executive, perpetual war, war on middle-class etc. But the candidate whom I most fear who could defeat several of the Dem choices is The Huckster. He’s funny, self-ceprecating and charming and a religious zealot who hates science. But his populism would have broad appeal for independents. I think he could beat Hils. Especially after the last 7 years of elitism and cronyism. Edwards and perhaps Obama are the only ones who could beat Huck. Richardson and Dodd would make it close too.

  3. The moment that slayed me was when the gun nut racked up his shotgun and said, “And don’t worry. You can answer however you like.” The Republicans enable these dimwits!

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