There Goes The Legacy

Heckuva job, Chimpy!

UNITED NATIONS – In an about face, the United States on Friday withdrew a U.N. resolution endorsing this week’s agreement by Israeli and Palestinian leaders to try to reach a Mideast peace settlement by the end of 2008, apparently after Israel objected.

Deputy Ambassador Alejandro Wolff informed the Security Council that the United States was pulling the resolution from consideration less than 24 hours after Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad introduced it and welcomed the “very positive” response from council members.


Well-informed diplomats said Israel, a close U.S. ally, did not want a resolution, which would bring the Security Council into the fledgling negotiations with the Palestinians. The diplomats, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue, said Khalilzad introduced the draft resolution without getting broad support from the Israelis, Palestinians and the Bush administration.

5 thoughts on “There Goes The Legacy

  1. “By the rivers of Babylon
    Where we sat down
    And there we wept
    When we remembered Zion
    But the wicked
    carried us away in captivity
    Required from us a song
    How can we sing
    King Alfa’s song
    In a strange land
    Sing it out loud
    Sing a song of freedom sister
    Sing a song of freedom brother
    We gotta sing and shout it
    We gotta talk and shout it
    Shout the song of freedom now…”
    RIVERS OF BABYLON by The Melodians
    (B. Dowe – F. McHaughton, adapted from Psalm 137:1)

  2. Photo ops aren’t too helpful when the whole thing breaks down so quickly. To be successful, enough time has to pass so that public attention is drawn away to some other issue so that when nothing comes after the photo op no one remembers or is any longer thinking about it anyway. What this proves to me is that Bush is still batting a 1000 at producing failures.

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