Sunday Post

Favorite drink.

Lately I’ve been on a peppermint liqueur kick, but really mine’s a butterball. Two parts butterscotch schnapps, one part scotch. Tastes like candy and gets you hammered faster than anything else on earth. GREAT for a cold night on which you’ve just been dumped or stood up or fired.

(Yes, I know it’s a shameful thing to do to scotch, and ordinarily I do not support the raping of the quality liquor in such a fashion, so if you make it, don’t use the Glenlivet. Use the cheap shit. It’s still yummy.)


12 thoughts on “Sunday Post

  1. i am not a drown your sorrows kinda pansypoo, i am contumacious like that. don’t want me? you’re stoopid.
    pansypoo also doesn’t drink much, but she does like armagnac(had a discount liquor store around corner and she would get little sale specials and got a tiny de montal glass bottle in a wood box. just re-found the box.
    she also likes pink squirrels. HATES schnapps. likes whiskey. cannot understand gin.

  2. From college when a keg of Old Mil Light set us back $18 all the way to today when I won’t think twice about dropping $10 for a single bottle of Belgian Triple (.750L bottle).
    I’ll sip scotch or vodka on occasion, and a glass of wine with dinner is ok, but beer is always where I come back home.

  3. Hoo Boy – Glenlivet IS the cheap stuff.
    I will take it with rocks when offered though.

  4. Probably better than a Butterball is a drink we made up a few years back to celebrate the sexual innocence of some folks on our ultimate team:
    Cunnilingus: Jamesons and Baileys, with a maraschino cherry and a honey rim. It’s hard to get a server/bartender to do the honey rim, but obviously, it’s all part of the effect. Like an oatmeal cookie and oh so fun to drink.

  5. I recently stumbled across a drink called a “butt pirate”: 1 part butterschotch schnapps and 1 part rum. Pyrat rum was the best so far, followed by a smooth dark rum.

  6. I like Mark West Pinot Noir myself. My wife drinks Monkey Bay. But Tuesday if we win the Senate, I’m opening a bottle of 1989 Glenrothes scotch whiskey a friend gave me for my 50th two years ago.

  7. As you know Athenea, my drink of choice is usually wine, but if I’m in the mood for a cocktail I stick with the old reliable 7&7. For sippin’ though, I’ll go for an Irish or Canadian whisky, or a good Bourbon.

  8. Come Tuesday, one way or the other, it’s going to be Aberlour with a ditz of water. Tasty stuff, and it smells all warm and toasty like Christmas.

  9. Jim Beam Rye Whiskey, straight. I got this from my high school physics teacher, who corrupted me utterly. Not that I blame him.

  10. I’m usually a bourbon on the rocks gal (my southern upbringing) but lately have been enjoying a sort of bastard white russian: Chocolate vodka on the rocks with half & half. Yummmm.
    I haven’t been able to drink schnapps since the Grendel-sized Danish busdriver on our high school tour of Europe got my best friend & me smashed on apple schnapps. I also lost my taste for gin on that trip. But that’s another story…

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