Your President Speaks!

What an outrage! Chimpy is banned from the annualFoot-In-Mouth competition! Dood is the Barry Bonds of malapropisms.

LONDON (Reuters) – Former England football manager Steve McClaren fought off tough competition from U.S. President George W. Bush to win a dreaded “Foot in Mouth” award on Tuesday from the Plain English campaign.

He was hailed for a supreme example of gobbledegook in talking about star player Wayne Rooney: “He is inexperienced but he’s experienced in terms of what he’s been through.”

George W. Bush came second for “All I can tell you is that when the governor calls, I answer his phone.”

Plain English Campaign spokesman Ben Beer told Reuters: “We thought it was a bit obvious to honour Bush as he comes up with them every day.”

3 thoughts on “Your President Speaks!

  1. Battling Bush for that award would be like battling Bonds for the home run hitting title. Strange that both of their last names begin with a B.

  2. At least the Brits had the good sense to sack McClaren after less than 2 years and didn’t re-elect him. Mourinho for President of the USA! Obama may be “the one” but Jose is “the special” one.

  3. But McClaren only said that one stupid thing. Shrub keeps up the ineptness several times a day, every day of the year.
    No Contest !

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