Should have seen that coming

Yesterday Iposted on FEMA’s disclosure that it will now conduct air quality tests of trailers and I questioned if the once postponed testing of FEMA trailers would occur even now. I am nowconvinced it will

Gillette [of MS Sierra Club] also raises concerns about why FEMA — after having promised
it would undertake tests back in July — waited five months to get

…[I]t is troubling that FEMA/CDC have decided
to undertake this testing at the time of year when formaldehyde
emissions would be expected to be at their lowest levels. Formaldehyde
outgassing increases with heat or humidity, so it seems no “accident”
that FEMA — which promise[d] last summer to quickly begin a testing
program — has delayed and delayed until the coldest weather of the

Gillette also makes the case thattesting isn’t the answer.

One thought on “Should have seen that coming

  1. Leave it to them to find a way to control the results of their tests. It’s not hot today, but it is humid, as are many days, even in the cooler months. In the heat of the summer, with all the windows closed and the air conditioner running would have been the time, but no, of course not, because THAT WOULD BE SENSIBLE! But, to them it is sensible. Things come out in their favor.
    Rest assured, the formaldehyde is not harmful, and there is no global warming, either.

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