Your President Speaks!

Today, inRamallah, during a presser with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

He Just Wasn’t Somebody

President Abbas was elected on a platform of peace. In other words, he just wasn’t somebody who starts talking about it lately, he campaigned on it.

The Valley Girl President

Now, look, there are some in the world who don’t believe in the universality of freedom. I understand that. They say, like, freedom is okay for some of us, but maybe not all of us.

Like, Radical

I said, nudge the process forward — like, pressure; be a pain if I need to be a pain — which in some people’s mind isn’t all that hard. And they said, well, like — yesterday, somebody said, well, are you disappointed? I arrived and it nudged the process forward.

What His Trip Will Be Talking About

The rest of my trip will be talking about, obviously, security threats, but also the opportunity to achieve peace.

General Whatsisname

And today I introduced the President to the General — three-star Air Force General who will be running this process.

What The Question Is

The question is the capabilities.

It’s Got Very Important

It’s got — very important for the government to be able to assure people that if there is a need, there will be an effective force to provide security.

One Step Of Having

That’s just step one of having credibility with the people.

A Clear Position

And to the extent that Israeli actions have undermined the effectiveness of the Palestinian force, or the authority of the state relative to the average citizen, is something that we don’t agree with and have made our position clear.

Is There Be No Checkpoints?

Therefore, the ultimate vision, of course, is there be no checkpoints throughout the Palestinian state-to-be.

On The Spot

Q Mr. President George Bush — you launched war against Iraq after the Iraqi leadership refused to implement the United Nations resolutions. My question now is, what is the problem to ask Israel just to accept and to respect the United Nations resolutions relating to the Palestinian problem, which — facilitating the achievement of ending the Israeli occupation to the Arab territories and facilitating also the solution between Palestinians and the Israelis?


PRESIDENT BUSH: Yes, but tell me the part about the U.N. thing again? What were you — I couldn’t understand you very well.

Q I just asked why you ask Israel to accept the United Nations resolutions related to the Palestinian problem, just to facilitate the solution, and to end the occupation.

PRESIDENT BUSH: Actually, I’m asking Israel to negotiate in good faith with an elected leader of the Palestinian Territory to come up with a permanent solution that — look, the U.N. deal didn’t work in the past.

If The Palestinian People Are Given

And that’s a choice that I’m confident that if the Palestinian people are given, they will choose peace.

Hamas Promised Better Health

And in my judgment, Hamas, which I felt ran on a campaign of, we’re going to improve your lives through better education and better health, have delivered nothing but misery.

Medulla Ohmigodda

See, the past has just been empty words, you know. We — actually it hasn’t been that much — I’m the only President that’s really articulated a two-state solution so far — but saying two states really doesn’t have much bearing until borders are defined, right of return issues resolved, Jerusalem is understood, security measures — the common security measures will be in place.

Vortex In The Cortex

And to me, that’s how you solve the issue in the long-term. And the definition of long-term, I don’t know what it means. I’m not a timetable person — actually, I am on a timetable — got 12 months.

11 thoughts on “Your President Speaks!

  1. “And to the extent that Israeli actions have undermined the effectiveness of the Palestinian force, or the authority of the state relative to the average citizen, is something that we don’t agree with and have made our position clear.”

  2. Holden:
    Any thoughts on the chimperor’s babblespeak — markedly worse or same as ever? I can’t even tell. You have been doing this a while, what’s your opinion?

  3. This is a little unkind, because almost everybody sounds like an idiot when their extemporaneous comments are transcribed verbatim, and then selected for their inanity and set off with carefully written snarky remarks.
    That said-what a jackass!
    But the poor guy. He’d never been out of the US except on some drunken holidays in Mexico, and here he is the most powerful, most hated, most feared person in the world, trying to come up with a plausible explanation of what we laughingly refer to as his policies. Democracy? Damn good thing for those Palestinians, as long as they vote for the people we like. Not so good for the Palestinians living in Israel. Not at all necessary the Arabs living in Saudi Arabia, or the muslims living in Pakistan, where our boy Mushi has it under control. Not needed in Cleveland, or Sarasota, where they can just let the machines do the voting for them. Heh, heh.

  4. How dare our president speak in a way that a person actuallly speaks! Further how dare he tell the truth in any way! He should know better thanks so much for the childish and catty comments.

  5. “Not so good for the Palestinians living in Israel”?
    What, you mean those Arabs who can actually vote and live in a decent civil society with rule of law? Yeah, those Palestinians in Israel are really beating a path for Hamastan.

  6. The comments regarding the President of the United States are really beneath contempt. First Draft and 2nd Draft too are trying oh so hard to be sophisticated and “all knowing.” Stop it, you are just making fools of yourselves. Construction criticism by all means, your type of condensation and mean ridicule detract from whatever it is your trying to say. Regarding your referring to President Bush as Chimpy, I would say “right back at you” stupid!

  7. The lowest common comments. You libs put too much weight on the spoken word, that’s what comes of an English major; that and not much else. Ready to be trounced again in November?

  8. Allow me to offer some “construction criticism.” Get Bush some antabuse, stat!
    Seriously, even Powerline admits that Bush was hopelessly incoherent.

  9. Holden, stop your condensation! Or @ least use a coaster if you must drink iced tea!
    It shouldn’t be a surprise that bushie can’t speak coherently. If people haven’t learned that by now, they are in the 19% who think the country is on the right track.

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