Happy Brett Favre Photo

Pretty. Pretty makes me feel better.

At least now the Packers won’t end up the exclamation point on the Patriots’ glorious season of unbelievable incalculable stunning brilliant awesomeness or whatever. Yes, I’m bitter. I live among 9 million Bears fans who were cheering for the Giants just to watch the Packers lose. Blech.


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  1. So bitter.
    So angry.
    Slightly hungover.
    But strangely relieved.
    I don’t think I would’ve been able to stand two weeks of “A Rematch Made In Heaven” crap, and talk about how Favre this and Super Bowl XXXI that and blah blah blah.
    The media hype is pretty awful regardless, but that angle would’ve been extremely vomit-inducing.
    But fuck all those Bears fans.

  2. It was a somewhat sad end to a fantastic season. But I take hope that we’ll see Brett for at least one and hopefully more seasons. Eli grew up and assumed the responsibilities of a big-time quarterback during the NYG – NE game at the end of the season and he continues to play at a championship level. My dream was that the Patriots would see their perfect season end on last-second Favre heroics in Glendale. Now I just hope that Brett was defeated by the next NFL champions yesterday.
    But we didn’t see an old quarterback struggling through a final game yesterday. The Packers were beaten by a team that peaked at just the right time and with their youth and the chemistry between Brett and coach McCarthy, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Packers playing against Peyton for the title next year.

  3. I’d gladly suffer through two weeks of ‘rematch’ stories instead of two weeks worth of ‘which Eli will show up?’ stories!
    (Which Eli will show up? Jeez, as AWFUL as he looked against the Vikings and then Washington in Nov and Dec, I remember saying to my sister that if his last name weren’t Manning, he wouldn’t be playing anymore.)
    Favre on a ‘sharp’ day would have given the Pack a good shot at beating the Pats. I just can’t imagine a scenario where the Giants even come close. (But going back to the college bowl season, I’m zero for a-whole-bunch on games where I thought ‘there is no way team A beats team B’, so what do I know. And in the prediction category…sorry to say, but we have seen Brett’s last game. 🙁
    Scout, I assume, is in mourning somewhere?

  4. Oh, and one more point to be annoyed about over the next two weeks? “The Pats look to become only the second undefeated team in NFL history” yadda yadda.
    The 1929 Green Bay Packers: 12 wins, ZERO defeats, one tie.
    Yes, it was a long time ago. Yes, the NFL is a MUCH bigger deal than it was back then. Yes, they had a tie. Yes, it was only 13 games. Yes, they didn’t have to play any playoff games.
    But, yes there was an NFL before the Super Bowl came to be. And yes, undefeated is undefeated!
    (About the only guy who consistently gets it right – by saying ‘undefeated, untied’ or ‘perfect’ – is Chris Berman.)

  5. We lost at Lambeau Field, in our house, and that makes me sad. I expected the Packers to end up like the Saints did and look where they got. Youngest team in the NFL, baby! We’ll make it next year.
    P.S. Fuck Da Bears.

  6. In the spirit of unity and to generate some happy thoughts going forward…if I’m not mistaken, all four finalists in the Super Bowl tournament were from states which did not vote for Bush in 2000 or 2004. You just gotta love karma.

  7. no biggie for me. we went farther than the cowpies, da bears, vikings, and got damned close with a young team.
    just wait til next year.
    and yes, don’t know if i could handle the local media gnews ga ga over maybe. i say they spoiled the pack’s chances and the brewers. just shut the fuck up til ya get there OK???

  8. Much cursing redacted.
    I feel for you, A. The only good thing there ever was about the Bears was Mike Ditka’s head-coaching job,
    and they nearly killed the man. It sucks to live in a city the size of Chicago anyway, and to live there
    and not worship at the shrine of Da Bearz also blows; we’d love to have you in sunny San Antonio, where you
    could cheer any NFL team you like because the town hasn’t got one.
    Tell Scout I’m sorry. I hadn’t, honestly, given one thin damn about anything NFL since the morning Jerry
    Jones fired Tom Landry, except to laugh like a maniac every time another bit of asininity came home to bite
    Jones. (Barry Switzer and the gun in the airport, e.g.) I had actually grown to hate the Cowboys, and cheer
    for their opponents when I bothered to care, until by damn if Drew Brees and the Saints didn’t look like they
    were going to pull off a miracle last year and take Reggie Bush and Sean Payton all the way.
    And then along came a Navy veteran’s kid by the name of Antonio Ramiro Romo.
    Along came the spitting image of Roger Staubach, with dimples and for-real family roots in Texas.
    Along came a savvy, tough, miracle-making quarterback who plays like he’s enjoying the game.
    Along came a coach who acts like a grownup and seems proud of his players and likes his job.
    Along came the cure for Terrell Owens’ “love me some me” attitude.
    Along came a season without a single arrest of a Cowboys player.
    Along came a feeling that something good was going on in Dallas — a much-needed change.
    So I’m looking forward to next year, and I haven’t done that in 20 years.
    Oh, and pansypoo? Yes, you, pansy poo. Just … give it a rest. I’m tired of your poo running everywhere.

  9. The Other Sarah got it right. As a Dallas kid living through the Staubach/Landry/Dorsett glory years, this season restored my hope (although I still want to retch every time they show Jerry “I can’t blink for the botox” Jones on the teevee), and made it fun to watch again.
    And once Da Boyz were beaten, I cheered for Favre, because it’s great to see someone only alittle younger than me playing the game with such joy and skill. And now they’re out, too.
    I don’t know if the Giants can beat the Pats, but they came close during the regular season. CybScryb is right – they seem to be peaking at the right time (unlike my Pokes, sad to say, who never looked like they could hang with the Pats).

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