4 thoughts on “Happy Tammy Photo

  1. One more Packer note:
    Tonight on the ESPN broadcast of the Badger – Michigan basketball game, Brent Musburger passed along the story that long after the game was over, and the Giants’ team bus was getting ready to leave, the Packers’ equipment manager sought out Giants’ kicker Lawrence Tynes to give Tynes the ball he had used to kick the winning field goal. Because if the roles were reversed, that’s how he would want the Packers treated.
    Classy, classy move.

  2. I’m happy to be from Wisconsin too! Tammy Baldwin and Russ Feingold sort of make up for Joe McCarthy in my mind!

  3. Okay, I liked Wisconsin folk before, but between Tammy Baldwin and the Packers’ equipment manager, well, y’all are tops in my book. Right after Blue Coloradans (I’m still trying to find love in my heart for the red ones).

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