Rick Perry: Deep Denial Permeates The Closet

From Holden:

My home state’s Governor Rick “Goodhair” Perry is fighting for the Republican gubernatorial nomination by attacking the scourge of gay marriage.

Governor Rick Perry has reached out to 10,000 Texans by e-mail asking for their support of a constitutional amendment that would define marriage as between a man and a woman.


Perry’s e-mail, sent Tuesday, says, “That marriage is the union between a man and a woman is a truth known to each one of us already, and any attempt to allow same-sex marriages is a detriment to the family unit and hurts our state and nation.”

I wonder if the enemy is staring him in the face each time he looks in the mirror.

Photo credit: Austin Chronicle.

Under the appropriate heading of “Naked City,” the weekly Austin Chronicle became the first media source beyond Internet blogs and ezines to report on the alleged sex scandal involving Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry.

The Feb. 26 story by Michael King mentioned a “support rally” this week at the Governor’s Mansion for Perry under the theme, “It’s OK to Be Gay.” The story mentions the numerous rumors that “the governor’s marriage is in trouble, that his wife Anita has/will/may decide to divorce him, and that the issue is Rick’s alleged infidelity, with one or another member of his administration of undetermined gender. [Rumors of this sort, about multitudinous politicians, circulate all the time, but the current Perry rumors are indeed extraordinary in their baroque detail and remarkable persistence.]”

The rumored “member of his administration of undetermined gender” with which Perry is alleged to have been caught with by his wife was then Secretary of State Geoffrey Connor, who mysteriously resigned shortly after the rumors hit the internets.

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