Dick Cheney did an interview with Blitzer and was snarly throughout including when Blitzer asked about daughter Mary’s pregnancy. Cheney told Wolf…”frankly you’re out of line with that question.”


has transcript for all of SnarlyPants’ interview

10 thoughts on “Snarly

  1. Talk about shooting at the wrong target.
    Cheney should’ve turned that snarl on Focus on the Family, since they were the ones talking smack about his daughter.

  2. It was Blitzer who shat himself – I’m sure racing through his mind was the fact that he just hurt his beloved access to Dick in the White House, not to mention the parties with the cocktail weenies.
    On a related note, I wonder if Jeff Gannon ever had access to dick in the WH?

  3. Maple Street says:

    Agree with Wally above. Blitzer was downright obsequious / groveling as he asked that question.
    BTW – strictly as a fun jab – was the double entendre a Freudian slip when Cheney said he preferred a “FELLOW republican” to Pelosi???

  4. virgotex says:

    bwahhhh ahhhh ahhh
    He’s looking more and more like an evil caricature.

  5. scout prime says:

    I think that killer look from Snarly caused Wolf to wet himself.
    If you’re gonna ask that question then ask it with some conviction…doncha think?

  6. Robert Earle says:

    Yeah, Blitzer comes out the worse for the whole exchange. If you think its an appropriate, Wolf, then tell him WHY you think its appropriate – cite some policy decisions coming out of Cheney’s White House, or previous positive statements from Cheney regarding Focus on the Family, etc. If you’re not gonna back it up, then don’t ask the question in the first place.

  7. Nora says:

    I don’t watch television, so the question in my mind, watching this clip, is whether Blitzer is always so mealy mouthed. I didn’t even think Cheney was that nasty to him, and Blitzer just about rolled over and showed his belly.

  8. Grandmère Mimi says:

    Cheney says he loves all of his grandchildren very much. Do you think they all love him back? Or does he scare the hell out of them?
    Wolf looked pathetic. He looked timid and cowed.

  9. spocko says:

    Wow. The LOOK! MAN! One thing that people who have never been on the other side of the desk of people in power who are being asked tough things is just how scary it can be to tell them something that they don’t like. Or ask them a question they don’t want asked. And so a lot of them DON’T. Contrary to the movies, the image of the hard charging press person who will “afflict the comfortable” is a rarity at that level. Remember the Irish reporter who asked Bush a tough question and got “The LOOK” from Bush, and then her access to the rest of the WH yanked?
    What you just saw was the most powerful man on earth telling Wolf, “if you keep asking that kind of question I will crush you”. Because the WH figured out that they CAN play keep away from the press because the press needs them more than they need it. The WH has Talk Radio and Fox they don’t have to go “thru the filters” anymore. They also control the Box all the time in interviews by doing things like limiting follow-up questions and kick people out of the coverage team that they don’t like.
    Did you know that Cheney kicked an ABC reporter off his VP plane because he didn’t like something he said or did.
    Did the rest of the press stand with the ABC reporter and say, “If they go, we go?” No silly rabbit. They kept quiet so they wouldn’t be kicked off.
    I don’t know if ABC replaced the reporter or not, but look at how ABC has sucked up to the administration. They might just be trying to make nice so that they can have access again.

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