When Do We Invade Trinidad?

After all, they attacked us:

NEW YORK – Federal authorities said a plot by a suspected Muslim terrorist cell to blow up John F. Kennedy International Airport, its fuel tanks and a jet fuel artery could have caused “unthinkable” devastation.

But while pipeline and security experts agreed that such an attack would have crippled America’s economy, particularly the airline industry, they said it probably would not have led to significant loss of life as intended.

Authorities announced Saturday they had broken up the suspected terrorist cell, arresting three men, one of them a former member of Guyana’s parliament. A fourth man was being sought in Trinidad as part of the plot that authorities said they had been tracking for more than a year and was foiled in the planning stages.


Two other men, Abdul Kadir of Guyana and Kareem Ibrahim of Trinidad, were in custody in Trinidad. A fourth man, Abdel Nur of Guyana, was still being sought in Trinidad.

Still, never fear.The Freepi are on the case:

Several years ago I spotted two people taking pictures of a power plant in Redondo Beach, CA. There was not utility vehicle in the area. One was taking pictures, one was taking notes. One appeared to be Phillapino the other from a Middle Eastern country.

We reported it to the police. By the time we got turned around to meet the police there as they requested and got back to the area, the two were gone. The officer that took our report made a very direct jester to extend his hand, shake our hand and thank us.

I am convinced those two men we saw we surveying the power plant for no-good intent. I think that is going on all over the country.

Every word you said is right on the mark. They’re everywhere, looking, listening, taking notes. Remember the thousands of cell phone purchases here? Written off as being just small businessmen and let go. They were buying thousands of $20 cell phones, taking out the chargers, and supposedly selling the stripped phones for $40. All the cops and feds that looked at them said “makes sense to me” and let them all go. We are going to get hit again and again and again.

People always ask how I can read over there without suffering a rage-fueled heart attack. Their invectivve doesn’t piss me off, it just makes me sad. The neediness of these people. What you must have going on inside, that you’d have to turn a trip to the grocery store or whatever into an act of noble and patriotic defense without which the Republic would surely perish.


8 thoughts on “When Do We Invade Trinidad?

  1. Clearly, you still have not learned the lessons of 9/11 and the global war against extremism. To wit, the country we must attack is Tobago.

  2. actually i think we have to attack somebody who used to be an ‘ally’ and no relation to the first, so, we have to attack jamaica.
    did i just see something about the homeland stazi department being stuffed with bushies.

  3. if it were not for me following around dark-skinned people at the library noting what they’re checking out and reporting them to the authorities, especially if it’s books on starting your own business [money laundering for al qaeda!], how to fix your own car [car bombs!], or cookbooks [they want to poison us all with their catering!], then the republic should surely expire.
    mom, could you bring down the economy size bag of cheetos from the kitchen? and another supersize rootbeer float?

  4. Saw the headline this morning in our local rag and my first thought was, what are they doing with their left hand while they’re using this to distract us with their right hand?
    It’s sad, but I don’t trust anything I read in the papers anymore. Especially so-called terrorist arrests.

  5. The news here was reporting that the “cell” didn’t have the resources to accomplish this – they were only planning. And although they had no connections to Al Quaidah, they were driven by “the same sort of hatred” as Al Quaidah.
    What in the world does that mean?

  6. “Several years ago I spotted two people taking pictures of a power plant in Redondo Beach…”
    I guess maybe it depends on what “several years ago” means, but the Redondo Beach power plant was idled “several years ago”. And while in its idled state, it was used as a set for – among other things – the first Batman movie, some scenes of “24”, and the Brittney Spears video for “Crazy”.
    I think, but I’m not certain, that the plant is back in operation. I looked around a bit on the internet, but couldn’t find anything definitive.
    Oh, and the building has a very well known mural of grey whales painted on it. People taking pictures of the building is a daily occurance.

  7. if you think someone of another ethnicity taking picture of a natural gas power plant is definitely up to no good your a retarded idiot. You need to just go away.
    they might have been the ones funding the asbestos recovery, or industrial artists, or land developers, gheesh. There is no evidence that any of the 9/11 attacks, Madrid bombings or anything like that needed or used pictures, but your ego headed brain thinks your gonna play armchair detective.

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