Rudy’s Campaign Go Splat

Some quality snark from the AP:

In the end, 9/11 wasn’t enough.

And you know, just because at one time, it was, doesn’t make it any less insulting today. When we look back on this time in history and thank God, we inch closer every day to being able to look back on it, we’re going to be amazed at how cheaply we allowed ourselves to be bought.

At least, at the very very least, we didn’t allow ourselves to repeat that mistake here.


5 thoughts on “Rudy’s Campaign Go Splat

  1. america became home of the chickens.
    all because you let georgie scare us. you amerikkkans should have been afraid of georgie.

  2. Jeez, that’s a great lede, by AP’s Devlin Barrett, but I’ll bet it raised eyebrows around the National Desk in New York.

  3. We just finished making another mistake – our new Attorney General announced to the US Senate today that he can use torture anytime he pleases as long as he thinks the benefits might outweigh the disadvantages. Who stole my country????

  4. I am still dumbfounded. I swore shortly after 9-11 that Mayor 9-11 would and win the presidency.
    But then again, he would be more effective for the Reich-Wing agenda as Attorny General.

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