Hillary’s Florida Speech

“We are Americans. We can make these decisions.”

This has been an intense election because people really care about what’s happening to our country. So many of the people who talk to me every single day are worried about the economy. They are worried about their health care. They are worried about their college education for their children. They are worried about whether we can restore our leadership and standing in the world. I am convinced that with this resounding vote, with the millions of Americans who will vote next Tuesday, we will send a clear message that America is back and we’re going to take charge of our destiny again.

I am so grateful to the countless Floridians who, on their own, organized, worked hard, talked to your friends and your neighbors. You made a very big difference and we know that as we move forward in this campaign all of your voices will go with me, because I am not only going to take my 35 years of experience to the White House, I am going to take your voices, your concerns, your hopes, your dreams.

We have a lot of tough decisions to make, but we are Americans. We can make these decisions. We can meet our challenges and seize our opportunities if we start acting like Americans again – we roll up our sleeves, we set about solving our problems.

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7 thoughts on “Hillary’s Florida Speech

  1. I’m glad she was able to give such an inspirational speech to her throngs of Florida campaign workers; the South Carolina campaign workers have no idea what they missed when she ditched them.

  2. According to something I was reading this morning, they had a million and a half Democrats out voting in Florida. I think Sinfonian was talking about it.
    For what it’s worth, my friend Seeker thinks that if Clinton gets the nom nod, and she’s up against McCain, McCain’s going to win it, because people won’t vote for her. I’m sort of the other way — I wager there are a lot of [Republican] wives out there whowill vote for Clinton because she’s a woman (and “it’s time”), but they’ll lie about it. I’m not so sure that same demographic would vote for Obama.
    Please, if Clinton does get the nod, will someone do a Photoshop of her with an ICHC-style “NOM NOM NOM” caption?

  3. Interrobang, I’m dead scared of a Clinton/McCain matchup. Don’t get me wrong, I think she’d eviscerate him in a debate, but I know lots of people who still think McCain 2008 is McCain 2000 and are confused enough to vote for him.
    But I can promise you the LOLpresident pic.

  4. According to something I was reading this morning, they had a million and a half Democrats out voting in Florida. I think Sinfonian was talking about it.
    Yeah, at least on MSNBC last night, the pundits were all over the Florida democratic turnout. HC was smart to go down and give ’em a little somethin somethin

  5. kinda queen elizabeth there.
    actually, lots of republikkkan women detest her, it’s the guys who are more hill fans. strangely. and LOTS of conservatives hate mccain.
    i just pray things work out better. god georgie has made a mess.

  6. Whatever happens with the nomination, I would advise Hillary to ditch the antimacassar jacket.
    Also, isn’t it a bit slimy for her to be in Florida, considering that there was some sort of pact between the candidates that they wouldn’t campaign there? I think the whole thing was silly, but there was supposed to be that pact…and please don’t tell me that she really wasn’t campaigning. Bullshit.

  7. Hopefully, Clinton has figured out how to give an inspirational speech.
    Personally, looking at Obama and Clinton, I find myself trying to weight various pluses and minuses.

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