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Tony Farto Says 2 x 15 =

Q And on FISA, can you explain why the extension of — I think it’s two weeks — was deemed to be okay by the administration, but the 30-day proposal drew a veto threat; what’s the difference?

MR. FRATTO: Well, clearly, 30 days wasn’t needed. What less than 30 days — I think the House and the Senate members settled on 15 days, which is a brief time.

This Gaggle Was Held On Board Air Force One Flying To California; During This Chimp You Are Paying Chimpy ANd His Entourage’s Travel Expenses While He Raises Cash For The Republikkkan Party At Five Events

Q One more on fundraising. The President is doing five events, I believe, in three days. Can you just speak to that a little bit? Does this sort of set the tone in terms of his political intentions in raising money?

MR. FRATTO: He’s certainly committed to going out and raising money for the party and Republican candidates, and so you’ll see him doing a lot of this. This will be I think a very successful trip in terms of raising money.


Q Tony, why are all the fundraisers closed to the press?

MR. FRATTO: I’m sorry?

Q Why are all the fundraisers closed to the press?

MR. FRATTO: I think we have — sometimes we have fundraisers that are open, some — these are in private residences, I believe. Yes, private residences are closed, and — I don’t know. I don’t actually — never really knew the reason — (laughter) — but I’m happy with the practice. (Laughter.)