Your President Speaks! AGAIN!

Today, at theWhite House.

What Chimpy Have Got

I have got to know John well in the last eight years.

It’s A Man, Baby, Yeah!

It’s a man who cares a lot about the less fortunate among us.

The Election Is Over

He’s a President, and he’s going to be the President who will bring determination to defeat an enemy, and a heart big enough to love those who hurt.

Howitzer Explosionguy

THE PRESIDENT: Listen, we thank you.

Wolf, where’s Wolf? No, I’m not calling you. Wolf. No, not you, either. Where’s Wolf?

Q Right here.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, ask something, will you?

The Iranian

I’m focusing on, you know, protecting America, and succeeding in Iraq, and dealing with the North Korea, and dealing with the Iranian, and dealing with the issues around the world where we’re making a difference in terms of keeping peace.

He’s A Movement

He’s going to be a landslide in Texas.

3 thoughts on “Your President Speaks! AGAIN!

  1. I hope you also saw the video of him tap dancing on the porch while waiting for McCain to show up for lunch.

  2. Chigail, It appeared to me that Bush went outside way too early, while the formal way of doing things would be for him to come out just before McCain drove up.
    Now dumb question: wouldn’t one think that to drive up to the WH, that one would need to go through some sort of security booth / checkpoint. And wouldn’t a competent organizer have waited inside for the checkpoint to call in and tell him that McCain was on the grounds? It seems so simple.

  3. “a heart big enough to love those who hurt.”
    The Brain-Damaged Battered Child As Commander-in-Chief,
    “I hate the gooks. I’ll hate the gooks until I die!” — McCain’t, 2000
    “The President Needs REVENGE, that’s why.” — McCain’t, 2009?

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