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Thanks to all who tuned in to listen to me chatting on WORT in Madison today. It was in the middle of their pledge drive, so I’m very happy they made room for me. You know those moments you have when you’re talking and talking and the little voice in your head is going, “God, lady, shut UP” but you can’t stop because there’s no natural endpoint to a ramble? I had several of those. Loudly.

You can hear them all here [mp3 file]. Or gohere, top of the list, A Public Affair, dated March 5.


4 thoughts on “Radio Show

  1. joejoejoe says:

    D’oh! I just listened to an hour of A Public Affair with Dave Zirin (the first listed) waiting for you to make an appearance but you are apparently listed on the March 3rd show. I’m such a dope.

  2. Aaaargh says:

    Ummmmmm…as far as I can see every A Public Affair is listed there EXCEPT the March 5 one. Is this a conspiracy theory?

  3. Aaaargh says:

    Link for the mp3 is broken too.

  4. spocko says:

    I wanna listen! It’s not there. Halp me Mr. Wizard!

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