We’re #1 We’re #1 We’re #1

Well something like that…

Madison’s Snow Total Reaches 100 Inches

Truly a historic day in Madison weather history.


As of about 5:30 Sunday evening, the Dane County Airport received 0.4
inches of snow, sending our seasonal snowfall total over the century
mark at 100.1 inches.


This is a first for Madison, and 27 Weather Central meteorologists say it’s likely something you will never see again.


49.9 inches is average for the entire season. We have more than doubled that.


A passing cold front is responsible for the snow showers and flurries we saw on Easter Sunday.

What an awful winter but it is now 47 degrees and I am going out!

11 thoughts on “We’re #1 We’re #1 We’re #1

  1. So five weeks from now when that snow has melted and is starting to overtop our river levees, y’all can come back down here and get it, m’kay?

  2. Glad to hear it’s “warming” up–geesh. I remember going through some deep-freeze days up there and then breathing a sigh of relief while shaking my head in irony when temperature climbed up to the mid-upper 20s.
    It’s REALLY difficult to describe those conditions to people here…

  3. Yeah, but all of the zero-cons will be screaming, “See! Global warming IS a myth!!! There’s record SNOW, for Christ’s sake!!!!!!!”
    Like when I have to explain to my mother-in-law that “global warming” really means a more general and inclusive climate change. But (shrugs) what can you do?

  4. Yeah, Roscoe, we need a hockey post!
    Don’t care between DU and the Badgers, cuz they ain’t getting through my Sioux after they whomp on Princeton!
    It’s nice of Wisconsin to have all that snow, just in time for the regionals, eh?

  5. Badger women’s hockey team came up one game short of getting a three-peat, losing the championship game to Minnesota-Duluth. Congrats to them.

  6. Oh yeah…and St. Norbert’s College in De Pere finally won the division III NCAA hockey championship (after losing in the final twice in the last three years). So big-time congrats to them, too.
    (For the non-Wisconsin readers, De Pere is just outside of Green Bay. When you see the Packers on TV, instead of having a ‘Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders’ kind of group on the sidelines, they have the cheerleaders from St Norberts and UW-Green Bay act as their cheerleaders. Real honest-to-God college kids instead of professional dnacers…geez, I love the Pack.)

  7. dallas cowpie cheerleaders are glorified dancing implants.
    i guess we passed our record in one fell swoop. and don’t forget, we got 2 consequetive 100 year floods in a row.

  8. Mmmmm Winter Storm Watch for Thursday…one inch likely by morning and continued snowfall throughout the day… Looks like 105″ is probable.

  9. Yikes. I keep hearing from my midwestern tourist customers have horrible winter has been. Glad it’s a bit warmer. I am a dedicated winter wimp.

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