Today on Athenae’s Obsession with the Freepi: 4,000 Dead, Way To Go!

Sicko math, binge drinking, the enemy within, PMSNBC, and all kinds of fun to be had in the thread.Jesus, sometimes they disgust even me:

Wow. That’s amazing. Only 4000 deaths during a 5 year war (a fraction over 2 deaths per day). Never has so much been accomplished at the cost of so few lives. Congratulations US military. Job extremely well done.

The fact that 4,000 heroes lost their lives thus far— five years later— is a testament to the incredible success of the war in Iraq.

Far more have died in binge drinking at colleges than in the war.

I wish the Commies down at PMSNBC would keep a body count of how many of their Al Qaeda buddies have bitten the dust. That’s something I’d like to know but they seem to be keeping it a secret.

Wait a sec, I think a little honesty got through:

I wish I were half the man of these soldiers.

There are five other threads, all variations on this theme. If you’ll excuse me, I have to go stab my brain with a fish fork.


6 thoughts on “Today on Athenae’s Obsession with the Freepi: 4,000 Dead, Way To Go!

  1. After reading those brief comments, I need to puke and then scourge myself.

  2. OOOh-wheeee–the 102nd Fightin’ Cheetos Brigade is in fine mettle today!!! Makes me proud to be a Merkin!!!!

  3. On BBC World News last night, they made the remark that 97% of our troop deaths have occurred after Bush declared the “end of major combat operations” (aka the Mission Accomplished photo-op).
    I think this cements it as Bush’s Worst Call Ever, even worse than “heckuva job, Brownie”.

  4. I just read through those threads. What I find interesting (and disheartening) are the number comparisons. First there is no link to back it up and then there is still the issue of if they should be compared in the first place.
    More died of binge drinking? Did 4,000 people really die of binge drinking in college? Since the war began? In the history of the world? In the US? Please verify this statistic and then we’ll see what it means. This throwing out of random untrue facts is just insane.
    Well, since they have heard a lot of “experts” do the same thing and nobody calls them on it and they get high paying analyst new jobs. So what do I expect? I heard Rush today blame Global Warming on liberals. I’m not sure how he got from A to B but it sure sounded good at the time and besides he’s just an entertainer! He has no obligation to tell you the truth.
    Sadly stuff sinks in for both people who know he is full of crap and those who think he is explaining what the “drive by media won’t tell you!”.
    How to fight this kind of false information in an environment where debate isn’t really encouraged, where it is an illusion?

  5. 4000 isn’t so much a testament to the outlook of the war as it is a testament to better medicine. Men and women are getting maimed by the tens of thousands, and good medicine is keeping them alive. I hardly call that a measure of war success.

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