8 thoughts on “April 4 Countdown

  1. I have to be honest, I have never watched Battlestar Galactica. I like scifi, but for some reason, I have just never gotten around to watching it. Is it that good? Can you compare it to anything in particular, without giving anything away? I am going to see if I can get it through Blockbuster online and will move it up to the top of my queue. Thanks.

  2. I’m so confused. When did March and April become premiere months? First Dirt, then The Riches, now BSG…
    NOT THAT I’M COMPLAINING!!!! Flat out thrilled, excited, frakkin’ stoked… (Jeebus, I sound so eighties. Somebody burn my legwarmers, now!)

  3. bdub, it’s … fucking amazing. First, there’s kickass tattooed chicks flying spaceships. Then, there’s politics and government and the military and religion. Then there’s all this stuff about what we do in wartime, and what is done to us, and what makes us worthy of survival. It’s about what happens after the end of the world.
    What’s it like? Fucking … Paradise Lost, maybe. Whatever you once read that blew your mind so wide open you looked at the whole rest of the world differently, that’s what it’s like. Yeah, there’s some crap episodes, but mostly it’s “… holy living fuck, did that just … dude, DUDE, dude … oh, man, oh God, oh no … FUCKING HELL YEAH BITCHES THAT’S HOW WE DO IT IN THE FUCKING TWELVE COLONIES … oh, would you … Jesusfuck, man …”
    Also, there’s quite a lot of hot young shirtless pilot action going on. And evil robots. And booze. And if you start watching it you can start reading Jacob, which is something everybody should be able to do a lot.
    I need to watch all my DVDs again, in order. To, you know, prepare.

  4. y’know, I spent the past coupla days writin’ with SciFi on the TV, and they’ve been almost wall-to-wall with the BG.
    I was ranting until I fell asleep with the way they made the pro-union people so dumb (quote a known terrorist sympathizer in custody for your people’s genocide pamphlet, without finding a better source or spokesperson? Sure!) in “Dirty Hands”, and wondered why they made both Adama and Roslin all psycho bitch when they were really ignoring just how much shit the ruling class of soldiers get away with — until this morning, when BG started the Pegasus arc, and then I went, “oh, yeah. There’s being clumsy and blunt negotiators in a time of war, and there’s living under a rule where the concept of atrocity doesn’t exist”. And then I calmed down in time for Athena’s interrogation, and got worked up again…
    Can I even handle this show? I’ve got work to do, and a life…

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