One thought on “Happy Boyfriend Photo: Wild Pitch Edition

  1. And, as expected, Ol’ Flaccid (aka Reid) was “more conciliatory” in his comments… Did Dodd (and a couple of other rare and wonderful D birds) buy all the spines that were to be had at the D.C. ‘BigLots!’?
    Surely, if one were to consider true patriotism and standing up for one’s country ESPECIALLY in this time of DIRE NEED – one should spontaneously materialize and be ever so strong and members of all parties would come together to save this sinking ship. Instead looks like the majority of Congress Critturz are quite happy having martinis and minorly noting the extreme tilt of the Lido Deck as the Ship of State slips south of the sea’s surface.
    Huzzah for Dodd! Bronx cheer for all the others that don’t/won’t do anything w/in their power regardless of party.

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