It’s been forty years since the assassination of Martin Luther King.

Forty years.

It’s important to remember that this man was murdered because he espoused the radical notion that people should be treated alike despite color or social status.  

6 thoughts on “Forty

  1. It’s just as likely he was assasinated for supporting economic justice.
    He was in Atlanta to support a garbage collector’s strike.
    He also opposed the Vietnam War; lost a lot of “friends” with that issue.

  2. It was Memphis, TN, actually. And the “social status” I mentioned was my way of getting at economic justice.

  3. All over the morning shows this morning. Flipped around to see Ann Curry standing on the spot where he was shot. Creepy.
    What irks me is they still refer to him as a civil rights leader. How about a human rights leader? How about a holy man? How about someone who wanted all of us to be better humans just because we can.
    As long as we only commemorate his death, we will never learn the lessons he tried to show us during his life. Kind of like Jesus.

  4. And what the hell has happened to this country since those days forty years ago? How could we have allowed George Bush and the neocons to drag this country backwards from its idealistic past?

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