9 thoughts on “Holy Crap!™

  1. This asshole is going to live to be 103. I just know it. He’ll be acting like an ass at the 48th President’s funeral service, farting in the pew and telling jokes during the service.

  2. Bonzo is a real treat for photographers evidently..he also provides me plenty of amusement when I am not wishing him a painful end to his existence.

  3. “You say Bush is drunk. Prove it.”
    Rich Wingnut customer in defense of dear leader.
    “How am I supposed to prove it? Smell it on his breath? Get him arrested AGAIN for drunk driving?” -Me
    “Well if you can’t prove it don’t be making accusations. You don’t want me to make accusations about your precious Obama! Like he’s smoking or anything. I would never do that. (http://blogs.abcnews.com/politicalpunch/2008/04/obama-is-smokin.html)
    “But Jake Tapper DID accuse Obama of lying about smoking!”
    “Well that’s different, Obama isn’t the President and he didn’t smell booze on Obama.”
    “What? You aren’t making any sense!”
    “So? Beer me, poor boy.”

  4. Holy crap, his behaviour makesme embarrassed, and I’m a) not him, and b) not an American…
    I do have an amazing new couple of posts up, if you want to watch me bring the noise, though…

  5. i only wish for his painful end. the dick of all dicks. thank god there were no photogs for napoleon or alexander.

  6. Don’t you people recognize the expression in the first photo? You obviously haven’t been around toddlers for awhile. An aroma always follows immediately after that expression. Now you know why the Croatian president looks so pale in the second photo.

  7. That’s his “Fcuk you, I’m not runnin’ for anything else, ever!” face.
    Putting the ‘lame’ in ‘lame duck’.

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