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  1. Hey A:
    I am two hours into Disc One of Season One of Battlestar Gallactica and have not been disappointed. Just wanted to let you know that you have probably created an addict. I hope I can get through all 3 seasons in time to catch a little bit of Season 4 before it finishes.

  2. more of the same with extra pics cause my file is bulging. plus a viewing of prints of my roadkill curetly on ebay. CHEAP. CHEAP.

  3. Agreed, spork. 33 is still one of my favorite eps. I’ve just been watching season 2 again–the ones where the toasters are on Galactica, Roslin and Lee are in the brig, Adama’s near death, while Kara is on Caprica. OMG.
    “Bitch took my ride.”
    Years ago, when Star Wars first came out, my best friend and her mom went to opening day. At the end, when Han flies out of the sun and knocks Vader out of commission, and yells, “Yeeeeehaaa!”, the scene shifts to Leia in the command center. Her expression doesn’t really change, but my friend leaned over to her mom and said, “She’s hooked.”
    That was me at the beginning of BSG: Season 2. I had already fallen in love with the show, but I might have been able to walk away, *maybe*. But with that line, I was well and truly hooked.

  4. How to Argue Like a Right-Winger, a field guide to spotting right-wing anti-argument techniques (like the Gish Gallop, changing the subject, and moving the goalposts) and what to do about them when you see them in action.
    I’ve also written a piece called “Resentment,” which is kind of a catalogue of all the ways in which discrimination against visibly disabled people is similar to any other form of looks-based discrimination. (I’m working on a followup that specifically compares and contrasts ablism with racism, as well.)This one is not a pleasant read. Consider yourself warned. On the other hand, I think it’s some of the best writing I’ve done in a while.
    On a related note, a friend of mine dug up an essay written by Douglas Hofstadter called “A Person Paper on Purity in Language,” (penned pseudonymously as “William Satire,” ouch) which takes every right-wing misogynist argument against gender-inclusive language and reframes them in terms of race. See if you can get as far as the word “authoroon” without cringeing. 🙂
    When I has a flavr, I want to be “yum” flavoured in the Thai sense of the term…

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