Christ To Sally Kern: Get Off My Side

What morally tone-deaf assholes her followers are:

Matt Barber, CWA’s Policy Director for Cultural Issues, said, “This astronomical show of support for Rep. Sally Kern today sends a strong message. People with traditional values who value God’s design for human sexuality will not be intimidated and bullied into silence. Political correctness can never trump truth. Sally Kern stood for truth, and she was hated for it. She was persecuted for Christ, but the Body of Christ was there to lift her up. Sally was faithful to God, and He was faithful to her in return. This is a great day for all who love righteousness.”

For those of us who despise hyperbole, however, it’s a dark day indeed.


3 thoughts on “Christ To Sally Kern: Get Off My Side

  1. makes all them tornadoes not so surprising.
    there may not be a religious requirement for federal government, but in this case should be to get her crazee ass out.
    put ok on the list of states i ain’t going.

  2. Political correctness can never trump truth.
    See, I read that as “can neverhump truth”.
    Which, I suppose, connotes a similar meaning, but mine’s more fun.

  3. Always good to get clarification on who God hates from a reliable source.

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