The Next Fake Outrage

Obama hates babies!

“I’ve got two daughters; 9 years old and 6 years old,” Obama said. “I am going to teach them first of all about values and morals. But if they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby. I don’t want them punished with an STD at the age of 16. You know, so it doesn’t make sense to not give them information.”

For reasons that elude me, some conservatives — including Sean Hannity, a correspondent for Pat Robertson’s TV show, Hugh Hewitt, and some right-wing blogs — pounced on the “punished with a baby” line, suggesting that Obama somehow equates parenthood with punishment.

Word about this is apparently making the rounds in conservative circles, because the complaints are getting louder. In his Washington Post column, former Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson insisted that “Obama’s record on abortion is extreme,” and cited the weekend’s comment, among other things, as evidence.

Here’s the problem. Who views babies as just punishment for being a filthy whore?That’s right, conservatives:

Liberal parents put their daughters on birth control as soon as they reach puberty in order to avoid pregnancy — certainly inviting them to participate without penalty.

Not that it’ll stop them from screaming for months that Obama, who already hates whitey, thinks babies are tasty with ketchup.


12 thoughts on “The Next Fake Outrage

  1. In a sucky economy, and w/schools that are forced to teach the test (i.o.w. not actually EDUCATE), coupled w/not exactly ample and substantially paying job opportunities for a 17 y.o. diploma-less mother – Obama’s damned tootin’ about it being a punishment. It would also be punishment for the new grandparents when the momma wants to be a 17 y.o. again and leaves baby w/them and fubars their plans.
    Hell, I am a professional w/a degree and well over the age of consent – but even I wouldn’t be able to make ends meet as a single mother in this day and age.
    I applaud Obama for wanting to educate his daughters on respect and morals, but also to cover all bases. There was a comedienne once that had a great bit about sex ed and your kids. How she knows what she did as a teen, and how she would nip it in the bud for her kids. By sitting them down and telling them just how much she and their dad love to do ‘it’ and give them details…she said they would be horrified into hardcore abstinence! LOL! I wish I remembered who she was (Ladman? maybe?), and how the bit went. I laughed so hard!

  2. Not that it’ll stop them from screaming for months that Obama, who already hates whitey, thinks babies are tasty with ketchup.
    ‘specially the white, no, make that all-white, Xtian ones

  3. This liberal mother put her daughter on birth control to make sure she could attend school without puking and fainting every time she had her period. She did not run out and get fucked by the first swinging dick who came her way. She stayed a virgin for 3 years and finished high school and her first year of college before having sex with her boyfriend of 6 months.
    A lot of her “religious” peers managed to get knocked up during that time and several even had their babies. They are now dumping their kids on their own parents while they check groceries at Walmart. No thank you, right wingers. My daughter is worth more than that.

  4. And then there is this, seen at the Crackblog, about teens in Florida being so ignorant that they need to rethink abstinence education there.
    Obama is saying knowledge is a good thing – and this demonstrates why he’s right about this. God, how fabulous is it going to be to have a coherent president – Obama, Hillary, either one will be a vast improvement.

  5. I have a niece that’s been swirling around the bowl of Hillbilly Heroin for a few years. She had a daughter in January of 2005. This little bundle of energy has an extended family (aunts, uncles, great aunts, great uncles – me, grandparents, great-grandparents, and a great-great grandmother who can’t get enough of her)
    No one in my family would ever trade this child for the world. If my niece had been responsible she would never had gotten pregnant. But that’s water under the bridge. Right now, all we can do is keep the Princess safe whenever she comes to visit. My niece gets frustrated with the burden of parenthood and drops her off at Mom’s house for a week or two.
    This little doll needs to live in a stable environment. Grandma, my sister, is trying to get custody. Great-grandparents, my parents, live just a couple of blocks down the street and are always there to help. I have seven siblings, all willing to put together any resource to help the little princess.
    However, her mom insists on dragging this child to every flop house she goes to, every crack-infested shack that gives her the drugs she needs to support her habit. The state of WA will not consider removing the toddler until the mom ‘exhibits criminal activity deemed not in the best interest of the child’. On one morning last summer, the Princess got herself dressed with shoes and everything, went out the door and was heading down the street before one of the crackheads noticed she was gone. She wanted to go to ‘Me-ma’s home’. She was 2 and a half at the time.
    Horseshit! If we make any big move to take the Princess away, my niece could disappear with her to California, New Mexico or any Indian reservation (she’s part Native which adds to the legal mess) in the country.
    Stories like this are all over the country, in every community. My niece isn’t alone. Responsible education as well as responsible government action is vital. James Dobson, who wouldn’t know his ass from a garden hose, sure doesn’t have the answer.
    Want to see her? this is a movie we made when she was 15 months old.
    Ava video

  6. This liberal’s socially conservative mother let her go on the Pill when she was fifteen or sixteen (I don’t exactly remember) because after about a year of missing one to three days of school a month (from throwing up and generally not being able to move from the pain), she decided I really wasn’t “faking.” ‘Course, she never had a menstrual cramp in her life until she went through menopause, after which she at least apologised to me for thinking I’d been making it up…
    As to what Obama’s plan seems to be, there’s a proverb which I can express in either Western or Middle Eastern terms:Trust in God, but lock your car, orTrust in Allah, but tie your camel. Heck, it always worked for me.

  7. Babies are not a punishment. Two-year-olds? That’s a whole other question 😉

  8. Babies are not a punishment. Two-year-olds? That’s a whole other question 😉

  9. My best religious kook friend from middle school is in jail in Washington State for beating one of his infant children to death, because spare the rod means spoil the child. Multiple wives, apparently, and multiple children in bad relationships because God commanded it. And where would we be without constant reminders that the prophets of the Antichrist are gonna be running things for a while before the big airlift?

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