Feith: I’d Do It Again

Pretty much:

The risks of war, says Feith, were well known and documented in a memo from Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld that Feith refers to as “the parade of horribles” in his upcoming Harper Collins book, War and Decision. They included ruining the reputation of America overseas, strengthening Muslim militant resolve and triggering the ethnic strife occurring in Iraq now. What they didn’t anticipate? “That the Bathist regime, even after it was overthrown, would be in a position to organize and recruit for and to finance and command an insurgency,” says Feith. His book also addresses the fact that the smaller and more mobile American force conducting the attack saved U.S. lives, but was too small to control the country after the initial fighting, allowing widespread looting.

Feith acknowledges that few people are pleased about the war, but he believes it was and still is the right thing to do for America. “I think the president made the right decision given what he knew. … And to tell you the truth, even given what we’ve learned since,” he tells Kroft.

First of all, “few people are pleased about the war?” Lots of people are DEAD ABOUT THE WAR, is the more pressing problem, I would think. That I in my office with my keyboard am upset is not so much paramount in the face of all the COFFINS. Stay classy, Dougie.

Second, does he think he deserves some kind of cookie for acknowledging what everybody watching TV knew in August 2003 or thereabouts? I seem to recall his boss jollying it up with the press about how messy freedom is and whatnot, and lots of sicko math about eggs and omelettes, and ain’t nobody said nothing back then. But now that Bush and his war kind of suck, here comes Doug, acknowledging some problems with it.

Is there a gene for self-awareness that these guys were just born without?


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  1. Is there a gene for self-awareness that these guys were just born without?
    Maybe. My personal take is that “these guys” were never encouraged to be compassionate, to identify with others. I believe Dougie’s real message is, “The war was good for making a handful of people rich, people who will enrich me. So it was a good thing to do, because that’s all that matters.” Hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis, 4,013 dead American servicepeople (last time I looked; maybe it’s more) — to Dougie, it’s all, “So what?” Cheney, being more efficient, simply says, “So?” Guys like that just don’t fucking care. They can’t care.
    Compassion, I think, is not inherent; you have to learn it. But it comes easily if early on at least one parent or role model or whatever says, “Now, how would you feel if someone did that to you?” But if no one says that or anything like it, the “me first, you don’t count” idea quickly becomes embedded. I don’t think Feith or any of his kind would empathize with an Iraqi civilian under any circumstances, because to him, Iraqis are just there, getting in the way of the oil. How would you feel if your country were invaded and trashed, Dougie? He’d have no answer, because of course nothing like that could ever happen to him. He could never identify.
    Peace, V.

  2. well, you see, he is just fine. as are all the other assholes who do these things. they can only profit. what could be wrong with that?
    they have short term goals. who cares about the iceburgs?

  3. Is there a gene for self-awareness that these guys were just born without?

    More importantly, there’s a gene for ass covering that they get in double dose. Now that the war is going to outlive the Bushist Administration, it’s occurring to a lot of people that BushCo ain’t gonna be the ones telling the story no more. And a whole lot of shit they’ve kept secret is going to start seeing the light of day. And maybe it’s time for some pre-emptive ass covering before the real story gets told.

  4. Flory, I agree with that sentiment. My worry is that so many Democrats are deeply into this too, and to avoid embarassing them the Obama administration will just quietly handle the problem and keep it all under wraps. The worst outcome is if the money exchanging hands over this just shifts to other hands, and the occupation goes on indefinitely.

  5. War Criminal Doug Feith said…Traitor Scooter Libby and Traitor Karl Rove, etc. We need to call these people what they are, every damned time we say or write their names. Every damned time.

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