Puppet Trouble


Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki blasted the U.S. State Department for renewing its contract with the Blackwater security firm, saying the company has yet to answer for what he called a “massacre” last year.

The Iraqi government was not consulted on the State Department decision, he said.

“No judicial action has been taken and no compensation has been made,” al-Maliki said Sunday. “Therefore, this extension requires the approval of the Iraqi government, and the government would want to resolve the outstanding issues with this company.”


… al-Maliki said Sunday that the renewal of Blackwater’s contract isn’t final “because they committed a massacre against Iraqis and until now this matter has not been resolved.”

7 thoughts on “Puppet Trouble

  1. Well, doesn’t that beat all? It looks like the sovereign government of Iraq has spoken, so that has to mean Blackwater is now history. I expect to see them disbanded, their officers arrested, and reparations being paid. But, I also expect to win the lottery today.

  2. Frankly hoppy, I think your chances at the lottery are greater.
    All Iraq is asking for is the rule of law. And we know how the Shrub WH has handled that little inconvenience here.

  3. But. . .but. . .but that shows that democracy is WORKING in Iraq, as its government is now standing up for itself. Isn’t that what this assministration wants? So what’s gonna be Shrubya’s response to al-Maliki (as if I don’t know)?

  4. Ah but the Iraqis’ aren’t part of the Multi National Forces-Iraq so they don’t count, See.

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