More Doug Feith

From the glorious Culture of Truth:

Kroft: you’re an idiot – what are you doing now?

Feith: teaching at Georgetown

Feith: if Bush had listened to me and put Chalabi in charge things would have been fine

Kroft: General Franks says you’re the dumbest mother fucker on the planet

Feith: ah – but not Venus or Mars, right

Kroft: people seem to hate you

Feith: they are just pissed because i faked intelligence to trick america in to war

Kroft: oh so just whining


4 thoughts on “More Doug Feith

  1. One of my favorites was right below from Matthews’ Hardball:
    Allen: if McCain dies this summer it could help him politically

  2. feithy boy:I can haz more acadeemic dollarz now?
    what a tool… and still a clueless f*ck!

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