Your President Speaks!

Ysterday, inSochi, Russia.

Dancing The Do

I’m only happy that our press corps didn’t try — see me trying to dance the — dance the dance that I was asked to do.

Also — yesterday, also – inSochi, Russia.

Ensuring Russia’s Concerns

Yet Russia appreciates the confidence-building and transparency measures that we have proposed, and declared that if agreed and implemented, such measures will be important and useful in ensuring [sic] Russia concerns.

What Putin Has Got

He’s got doubts about whether or not these systems are aimed at him.

We’re Talk

We’re talk — we’re working together to stop the spread of dangerous weapons, and I appreciate the fact that we’re implementing the Bratislava Nuclear Security Initiative, which is an important initiative.

Including Through

We continue to work together to meet the threat of nuclear terrorism, including through the global initiative to combat nuclear terrorism.


A lot of times in politics you have people look you in the eye and tell you what’s not on their mind.

A Lotta Way To Go

Look, there’s a lot — we got a lot of way to go.


I have no problem sharing technologies and information to make sure that all people understand this system is designed to deal with multiple — I mean, single or dual-single launch regimes that could try to hold us hostage.

What We Got

Now, we got work to do, but we’ve come a long way since our first discussions.

Cannot Pronounce “Medvedev”

And secondly, I spent — I told President-elect that I would see him in Japan at the G8, and that’s the only scheduling matters that we discussed.

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  1. Come on now, be fair! Isn’t it just as likely he forgot Medvedev’s name???

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