I Would Not Have A Beer With John Adams

I would let Thomas Jefferson order whatever kind of ale he wanted, though. I’m just saying, Stephen Dillane is almost impossibly beautiful and my crush is getting a little out of hand.


Where did we get this notion that the President of
the United States should be a drinking buddy? Where did we get the
notion that the strongest nation on earth should be led by a folksy,
easy-to-like drunk? I don’t mean where did thecountry get this notion, I mean when did themedia
decide that this was a valid measure of a leader, something worth
endlessly discussing, and analyzing, and tittering over? When facing
down the leader of a rogue nation in a series of intense negotiations,
I don’t want the guy shooting pool at the corner bar, I want someone
with a head for the job, for God’s sake, and I don’t give a rats ass if
he likes buffalo wings, or bowling, or can smash an empty beer can on
his head. (A point of trivia: the first President to try to smash a
beer can on his head was John Quincy Adams. Unfortunately, beer cans
did not exist back then, only kegs, so Adams gave himself a hell of a
concussion attempting the feat.)

Yes, we all understand that, if no other information about a
candidate is forthcoming, voters will attempt to divine a candidate’s
values, positions or general worth from whatever minor points of
familiarity can be gleaned. This is human nature; this is how
uninformed voters vote. But when that happens, that is a failure of our Democracy, not a strength.


14 thoughts on “I Would Not Have A Beer With John Adams

  1. What a scene to show, A. They sit there and listen and think about the words being spoken, think about it with hard regard.
    Imagine this pack of worthless, shriveled up men and women we have now, oh, I know, some are pretty good, but so few, so few, it makes your heart break to see what our State has become today.

  2. A, I am with you in the Dillane-Droolers Club! Did you ever see “The Rector’s Wife”…wow! I have heard great things about “John Adams”, and I plan to get it for my Dad when it comes out on DVD.
    Okay, now to watch the vid!
    Happy Hump Day!

  3. Couldn’t see the video (I’m at work). But I must say, I NEVER found the idea of drinking beer with President to be pursuasive of voting for Bush. And I don’t find drunks cute, nice, fun to be around, etc. A drunk is just that a drunk, someone who can’t think coherently and articulate his/her thoughts. The media may like to spend time with drunks; I, however, do not want to be lead by one (wet or dry).

  4. (just watched the clip) Wow…just wow!!! I do believe I will buy this for myself, too on DVD!!!
    As an aside – I must remark on the ‘appropriate’ and non-stall-action-inviting touching of these gentlemen…how low their modern day descendants (in Congress, not necessarily actual blood relatives) have sunk.
    And A – wow, Stephen Dillane in period clothes AND sitting in a sack-back Windsor chair…(yeah, I am a furniture geek!) Hubba hubba!

  5. gotta rent. kept missing it.
    i blame the piss poor teevee ‘jurnamalisming’. only THEY would even consider wanting to have a beer with the preznit.
    golly fucking gee, i want somebody elite and SMARTER than i am. assholes. teevee gnus just want to be smarter than the preznit so they feeeeel better.

  6. Hate to ask the obvious, and no one wants another HRC/BHO flameout, here especially, but since this IS KOS we’re talking about…
    Was the idea that the President should be a bowling buddy similarly savaged? Were people who bowl dismissed as whatever the equivalent of the word “drunk” is?? Obama spent a week on a bus in a PA road trip failing to succeed at looking comfortable in his own skin mixing with the rubes, and ended the week with $100 ham and goat cheese.
    HRC, on the other hand, (No beer left behind! I can get behind that idea, actually.) mixes with the hoi-polloi at a comfort level David Axlerod can only dream of, and suddenly, oh, no one thinks that’s important, anyway…
    This is getting so transparent.
    Sooo, now

  7. virgo, seriously, that was the hottest sex I’ve ever seen on TV. I may or may not have watched it, like, fourteen times.
    Laura Linney PWNS twink starlets any day of the week.

  8. A and Virgo…there’s teh secks in John Adams? I am soooo getting it! Sounds like LL’s character is MUCH improved over the weak-willed, didn’t think of her own needs one in “Love Actually”… I understood her, but I didn’t agree w/passing up the hot-taye dude when her bro’ was in a medical facility and would still be there when she could get there…
    I lurves paniers and petticoats, totally born in wrong century fashion-wise.
    From the mere clip above, it was good to see them portraying women as caring about their neo-natal country and READING ‘teh diffikuhlt wurds’ let alone UNDERSTANDING them…Huzzah! Not just the powdered doughnut dudes! 🙂
    Hmmm, if only we could have this broadcast nationally on reg stations for everyone to watch (well, we know the WH-types won’t bother…irony of ironies…but Teletubbies must prevail)…
    Let’s get America back!!! 🙂

  9. Latest episode…I liked how Adams left the White House after his term…perhaps there would be incentive to having every prez have to walk out alone and get on a city bus

  10. I would love to see someone like Rachel Maddow stop one of these media blow-fests on air by asking just why the heck Pundits think we want a president we can drink beer with.
    It always struck me as particularly absurd to talk about it, especially in view of the fact that for the last 7 years we’ve had a president who supposedly no longer drinks – but when he did he was known to be a mean drunk.
    And please – who thinks HRC knocking back shots of Crown Royale wasn’t just as contrived as any other politician’s photo op? it’s all a piece of theatre, it’s naive to praise one as “genuine” but another as a stged stunt.

  11. Okay, I’m such a nerd. I still get tears in my eyes, listening to the words of the Declaration of Independence.

  12. They sit there and listen to the words and think about them because they are putting everything on the line by signing their names to them. One of my ancestors signed the Declaration of Independence, I’m proud to announce. I am not so proud to announce that I am a citizen of what this republic has become.

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