TMI, Chimpy

Holy Crap!™

In this house, President Jefferson spread the word that liberty was the right of every individual. In this house, Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark off on the mission that helped make America a continental nation. And in this house, Jefferson was known to receive guests in his bathrobe and slippers. Laura said no. I don’t have a bathrobe.

5 thoughts on “TMI, Chimpy

  1. “Jefferson was an A student, I was a “C” student, look who is President now Jefferson. IN YOUR FACE! BooYAH! You are dead and your documents are in my control. Where’s your constitution NOWWWWWW? What cha going to do about it dead guy? Tickle me? Haunt me? Behold the power of the Bush family! I win! There is Nothing YOU can do to touch me dead President Jefferson! Watch as I mock you Mr. “I’m Smarter than everyone”. Common people love me and want to have a beer with ME. Not with you dead guy! I’m both the elite and the common man. My people are smarter than all YOUR people. We figured out a way to win in spite of your rules. We RULE!”
    -George W. Bush Last President of the United States, first unelected king.

  2. Of course chimpy put his own verbiage in…in Jefferson’s day, it wasn’t a friggin’ bathrobe, it was called a ‘dressing gown’. And his ‘slippers’ were not flip flops, but some nice slip ons… It wasn’t the ‘full-on’ casual answerin’ the door in your ratty ass boxers, stained wifebeater tee, fleabitten robe and athlete’s foot-slathered shower sandals.
    In Jefferson’s time and at his status, to receive certain guests in “dishabille” meant they were close friends/advisers – but one was NOT practically undressed as shrub was hoping.
    I cannot take shrub’s murderous idiocy…
    Gads, can we impeach bush-cheney…PLEASE!?!?!?

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