4 thoughts on “‘Elections Cannot Inconvenience Me’

  1. I’m the same age as McCain. I am well aware that my mental abilities are not what they used to be, as hard as I try to stay “sharp”. I have not been a POW, kept in a cage in a foreign country for months on end. I am not physically wounded. I am retired, in fact.
    John McCain shows every sign of being in worse shape than I am, both mentally and physically. The single biggest mistake ever made by our country was electing GWBush as president in 2004, after we had learned what he is and isn’t. Electing McCain, as I expect we will do, later this year will replace the mistake of 4 years ago with a much bigger one.
    Watch very carefully when the Repubs select their vice presidential candidate. It is important this time. And, it is guaranteed to compound the upcoming mistake.

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