Lobbyist Love

I was breifly represented in Congress bythe loathsome Lamar Smith until the courts nullified one of Tom DeLay’s re-redistricted districts.

One of Washington’s minor traditions is to name post offices after heroes, usually recently deceased. A lot of them have been named recently for service members killed in Iraq.

But Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Tex.) has taken a new approach. He’s pushing to name a post office after a prominent, very-much-alive lobbyist.

And that’s not all. His legislation started moving through the House on the same day the lobbyist’s employer donated $5,000 to him.

4 thoughts on “Lobbyist Love

  1. Maybe I’m getting too old, but I’m still gagging at the way corporations are buying their names to public buildings (extending to even the University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona, Sprint Arena, etc.)
    But to name a public building after a lobbyist?

  2. I see that Kay Bailey likes it…thats enough to make it a bad idea in my opinion.

  3. Holden, I am so envious…we are still in the loathsome Lamar’s district…unable to be gotten out by a court. Whenever anyone asks me who my representative is, I tell them I have NO representation…what with Opie Lamar and John Cornyn and Kay Bailey, we are sadly without anyone to represent us.
    But thanks, I can certainly use Loathsome Lamar…I like the way it sounds…and lord knows, it’s true.

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