Yeah Yeah Yeah … Wait, What?

It’s possible I’m going crazy. It’s possible. But do you see this?

The Pope said church officials were going through the seminaries that
train would-be priests to make sure that those candidates have no such
tendencies. “We’ll do all that is possible to have a strong
discernment, because it is more important to have good priests than to
have many priests.”

Those are the choices? Bunch of pedophiles, or not enough priests? What kind of idiotic veiled threat is that? Your recruitment problems, Holy Father, are not caused by having to weed out all the child molesters because it’s required by law. Your recruitment problems are caused by your continued efforts to force a church that, let’s face it, has never been exactly forward-thinking further back into the dark ages while rewarding those who coddle child rapists with rich villas in Italy. Your recruitment problems are caused by this and any number of other things, so maybe NOT SO MUCH with blaming the necessity of getting rid of criminals for your abandonment of your stewardship responsibilities.

Jesus. Pun intended. 


8 thoughts on “Yeah Yeah Yeah … Wait, What?

  1. Another problem with the pedophile scandal? Say that the Pope comes out strongly against the Iraq war. “It’s NOT a just war. All Catholics should actively work for peace and we will not be giving communion to politicians who aren’t trying to stop the Iraq war.” I mean they threaten this with Kerry and abortion. How about all the Catholics that support McCain? Or Bush? You want to make a statement about the war? That would do it.
    This scandal cost them the public’s perception of any moral authority to say, “Stop the killing”
    “Were do you get off telling ME what to do, you enabler of child molesters?”

  2. I think another part of the problem is that now that it’s socially acceptable to be an unmarried adult without becoming a priest or a monastic (male or female), they’re losing a lot of people who otherwise might have committed to a religious Catholic life. Heck, if I’d been born even in the early part of this century, I think I would have converted to Catholicism and claimed a religious vocation just so I wouldn’t have been forced to marry someone and spend the rest of my life pregnant.
    If they’re having recruitment problems, it’s probably because the deal isn’t sweet enough, and they don’t really have a lot to offer in this day and age. Their reactionism, I think, is attempting to turn the clock back and “fix the problem,” as it were…

  3. The inherent problem with that church is that it is a business, and an extremely lucrative one at that. Recruiting more workers can be a problem for any business, but when you start with a requirement that the recruits swear off women for life, you have really stacked the deck with sexual deviants. Now, if they were to join the modern world and accept female workers most of the problem goes away. And, if they drop the swearing off of women by men recruits, the rest of the problem virtually vanishes.
    I keep suspecting that their recruitment practices are there for reasons that can’t be allowed to see the light of day.

  4. I get tired of hearing the call for vocations at church. Yeah, it must be tough getting people to be priests when you start out by excluding half the population right off the bat. Perhaps if they thought a little more about that and didn’t keep swatting away women who (for whatever reasons) want to be priests, they might not have such a problem.

  5. i just read CELIBACY in my EB. it had a good paragraph on what this was likely to do to the church. and this is before the pedafiles. on my blog recently if ya wanna look.
    infallability will create problems.

  6. Here in Boston–a.k.a. Ground Zero in the church sex abuse scandal–only the die-hards are paying attention to Pope Palpatine like he matters. Most of the news coverage around here includes large helpings of people who survived abuse, help survivors, are parents of victims, or advocates for massive change within the Catholic Church.
    In fact, wasn’t Papa Ratzi one of the main enablers? Wasn’t part of his job under John Paul 2 to protect the church from scandal and those who would say naughty (yet ultimately true) things about them?

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