24 thoughts on “Caption This

  1. Yeah. He would pose in front of the Mississippi flag, wouldn’t he.
    I guess it’s kind of unavoidable, seeing as how they’re probably in the middle of the bunch of state flags, and MS is kind of in the middle, alphabetically.

  2. “So I was smacking Gannon’s ass like this and patting him on the head and he was saying, ‘Oh God I’m coming, I’m coming!’ so I said “You’ll be coming and going if you don’t shut up!! (Pause) What, this never happened to you?”

  3. “When Ah use-tah wore MA white KKK robes ah had me some them there matchin’ white shoes ta go wid ’em.

  4. Being cleaned so it’s nice and fresh for Tuesday night, TKK. The ferrets are hard at work making it spic and span.
    After that, they re-grout my shower.

  5. The MS flag is this shot’s pièce de résistance. I’m sure Trent Lott is even now lusting after a signed glossy (er, well the right half, anyway).
    But what isUp with the color of Ratzi’s hands?! (It was a sunny hi-60s days, so those ain’t gloves>)
    Not to mention how he’s pointing that finger …
    “Man, have I got your number, Dub[kopf]!”

  6. “Hey, uh, Popey.. Is that your pointed hat on the ground?”

  7. Well, it’s like this, your wholesomeness, I got one, I might as well f*** some people over with it. What’s your take?

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