Past It

The Rude Pundit speaks:

At some point, can someone tell the Republicans to get over the Sixties (and early Seventies)? Can we please have politicians who aren’t still fighting the Vietnam War and the hippies? That’s why 48 year-old Barack Obama’s reaction to the dust-up over Ayers is something akin to “What the fuck?” Because, really, and c’mon, “What the fuck?”

‘Cause what’s a little more important here is perhaps McCain’s absolutely bugfuck insane answer to the question about when we’ll know if there’s success in Iraq: “It’s not a matter of time. It’s a matter of casualties. If we can eliminate American casualties, that’s the key to the success. Because Americans are grieved by the loss of these brave — of our most — sacrifice of our most precious treasure.” There it is: if the war can stop making Americans sad, then it’ll be dandy. Really, the bottom-line measure is “The Iraqis can go fuck themselves.”

The short answer is that we will have politicians that are still fighting the Vietnam War until we no longer have politicians that are still fighting the Civil War, and that’s me being glib, but also: Seriously.

The reality is that in many ways Vietnam led to Iraq, in the way that one war bleeds into another and our discourse is poisoned by the former so that speaking honestly about the latter becomes impossible. How many of our national punditry, especially the “sensible liberal” types, the faux-moderates, the neo-weenie poser assholes who used to be hardcore commie poser assholes, were motivated in their pro-war commentary by a false picture of the 1960s and 1970s painted by conservatives who wanted to silence a successful anti-war movement? Honestly, how many were just out not to look like dirty hippies?

And their banging away on the stupid little drums they’d gotten from their conservative bosses drowned out all the yelling from the streets that, you know, this is a stupid fucking idea and we ought to be thinking a little harder about all of this.


6 thoughts on “Past It

  1. maybe we should rehash the mexican war too. and 1812. how about the great war of grenada.
    the gnews must be exterminated.THEY ARE NOT HELPING.

  2. Jeebus! Be sure to click through to read the whole rant. The most disturbing part for me was the last paragraph, when Snuffalupagus asked about the fact that McCain has been on government-funded health insurance for his whole life, and McCain goes off about how he didn’t have it when he was in the Hanoi Hilton.
    So am I to understand that we only deserve good health care if we’ve been tortured? I’m sure the folks at Guantanamo will be happy to hear that. The rest of us, however, aren’t too thrilled.

  3. Yes, but that’s why we’re taking over the government.
    I think America is beginning to turn a corner into a sort of young adulthood, from a rather prolonged adolescence.
    I new day is dawning — a day in which we don’t go around killing people if we feel like it, so long as it’s not on the TV.

  4. Personally, I wonder if there isn’t something as a yen-yang to national pride: To be proud of ourselves, we have to prove that we are bigger, stronger, better than anyone else. As we’re better, they want to get us ! They who? Them!
    Or is it like a football game: I’m not athletic, in fact I’m puny and anemic. But if my team is bigger than your team, then that gives me a sense of importance.
    If the European countries can stop trying to invade each other, it seems like we should be able to learn the same lesson.
    But even then, my flag is bigger than your flag. I have red, white, and blue underwear and a stripped flag shirt and pants with a red, white, and blue hat. I have a flag in the rear window of my car.

  5. Most of the soldiers during the Spanish-American War were from the South. They had been beaten during the Civil War, and they had something to prove.
    It’s a penis-driven scenario.
    These guys want to shoot folks, take names later, not just mow the lawn or fix the toilet.
    Welcome to the Patriarchal world.
    And yes, I’m a freakin’ Hippie.

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