Ten Thousand Miles in the Mouth of a Graveyard: Galactica Thread


Arm and/or tattoo porn. Mmmmm.


Or as the Chorus Leader inAntigone puts it: “The maid shows
herself passionate child of passionate sire, and knows not how to bend
before troubles.” (Antigone means “unbending.”) And since we’re talking
about Kara, the Chorus of Theban Elders later says: “Still the same
tempest of the soul vexes this maiden with the same fierce gusts.”
There are a lot of creepy old men in this episode doing creepy old
things. Some — most — justified, but creepy nonetheless. I likeAntigone
because what it amounts to, basically, is one girl, just a normal girl,
standing up to a chorus (and a series) of creepy old men, and telling
them to fuck off. Because she knows what’s right.

Spoilers within, per usual.


I mean, I understand it, Tory’s the scary one. Tory’s the one who was all, “Whatever you need, Madam President, I’ll steal you your election, whatever, just give me a head nod and I’ll blow this whole place to kingdom come and you won’t even have to know.” Tory’s the one who doesn’t know what this is about. For Sam, it’s about Starbuck and for Tigh it’s about Bill but Tory? Tory’s the one I wouldn’t walk down a dark alley with because she’ll kill a man on Galactica just to watch him die. Tory scares the fuck out of me, flailing around, fracking Baltar, fracking Sam, maybe (in my head and in the fanfic) fracking Laura, not knowing what the hell is up on any given Tuesday.

The Cylons are tearing themselves apart the way the humans did in the beginning of the show, all of this has happened before and all of this will happen again. We make the same mistakes over and over and dress them up in different clothes. This show has always been brilliant for one reason: It takes everything you think you know and makes it incomprehensible. Humans, lovable, righteous, Our Plastic Stand-Ins in the War on Terra? They’re suicide bombers and secret airlock-ers, when they’re not outright torturing people for fun and/or profit. Admiral Cain, batshit crazy lunatic lady who was the polar opposite of our beloved Admiral Adama, was somebody trying to get by as best she could and you tell me what you’d have done in her place. The Cylons, mechanized, lockstep, terrifying in the beginning for their inexorable march all together toward your destruction, now splintered and splitting, scared, burning each other down while the humans are off on the horizon, almost out of sight, almost forgotten. The moral of the story: Never say you know for sure what you’d do in situation X, because you have no fracking idea.

Quick takes. The adorable: Bill reading to Laura, especially such a trashy-sounding formulaic faux-noir novel. My heart just exploded from the cute. While we’re on the subject of High-Powered HAWT, can I just say I love that they can shift back and forth now, between being pissed at each other about work and being cute in private? They weren’t so good at that, always, that delicate, “Honey, I love you, but I need to kick your ass now” dynamic that grown-ups achieve. The horrifying: Cally. I really thought she’d killed the Chief for a second there, and what maybe scared me more is that I couldn’t really blame her. What happens when “my husband is having an affair” is the LEAST fucked up of the options on the table? I’d hit him with a wrench, too.

Kara, Kara, Kara. And Sam. And Kara and Sam. Seelix? GAETA? Helo on that ship didn’t surprise me but fucking A, Gaeta sure did. She tried to have him airlocked, for fuck’s sake. Is this one of the twelve steps or something? Right after stabbing Baltar in the neck with a pen, he signs on to Kara Thrace’s Magical Mystery Tour? Maybe Helo ordered him, in which case Helo is just my kind of asshole, but if he volunteered, that’s … something. While we’re on the subject of something, Jesus, Lee, be a little more of a tool, why don’t you? Lampkin’s tool, Zarek’s tool, it’s not that you’re wrong, it’s that you’re obviously their automobile on the road to hell (maybe heaven, whatever, still, you’re a fucking Buick). Stop getting played. It’s pissing me off.

Cottle continues to be made of win. And there is not enough ICKY OMG YUCK BLECH in the world for that Boomer/Cavil makeout session. Her daddy issues are just too painful, plus the whole February-December of Next Model vibe. I’d rather watch Baltar frack Hotdog than ever see that again. 


21 thoughts on “Ten Thousand Miles in the Mouth of a Graveyard: Galactica Thread

  1. I saw it twice during the stream, and I still don’t know what to think.
    Cavil? Full of ick. and he was the first — how cynical were the toasters to make that their first human?
    I didn’t see the decline of Cally coming. I really took her as a common woman struggling to make a go of a place where she had limited relationship choices, a need to be safe, and ability to roll with a punch and end up with a wedding ring. Needless to say, a lot of broads in the RTF have and are doing worse, just to survive. (if I condemn her, then I’ve got to shoot Dualla in the hayed, which I’d do because *Billy was a good man*, you stupid girl)
    But you know what? I wanted her to space herself, Tory and her baby, because according to her rules — frak, *humanity’s* rules — she was right. The only flare she could send up in time was to off herself; her only mistake was to not get a note to (or even call) the right person (Adama?), and not take a gun with her to shoot Tory where she stood. I don’t care if the kid is the kwitsatz haderach — how the frak is he going to be raised once Cally’s dead? After they rejoined the fleet, the baby seemed to be a tragic afterthought for Ma and Pa.
    Cause *that* girl? is pissing me off. And that was before she knocked Cally across the bay.
    She was a cipher before she came out as a Cylon, and now her general passivity and amorality seems a program flaw. Say what you will about the toasters, they programmed their basic models with drive.

  2. All I gotta say is the Antigone reference is a bit right, a bit wrong.
    Antigone is right. She’s also wrong. The Greeks in Sophocles day had no concept of individuality as the basis of society, of civil disobedience, of ‘higher moral law.’ Antigone is right, and the refusal of Creon to bury her brother pisses off the gods, for which Creon pays in double, in triple, in quadruple. But Antigone is wrong: there is no justification for defying order. That way lies anarchy.
    Which is where everyone is in this show, aren’t they? Kara is military: you don’t frak with the military hierarchy. That way lies anarchy. The whole system of fleeing ships, of civilization in tatters and held together by the sheer willpower of Adama and Roslin: without that, anarchy looms again, the chaos the Greeks so feared. But with it, looms tyranny; and Roslin may want only what’s best for the people, but what is that? What price survival, but what price life?
    Which are, actually, the questions of “Antigone.” The central question of Antigone’s battle with Creon is expressed by the Chorus:
    Man the master, ingenious past all measure
    past all dreams, the skills within his grasp–
    he forges on, now to destruction
    now again to greatness. When he weaves in
    the laws of the land, and the justice of the gods
    that binds his oaths together
    he and his city rise high–
    but the city casts out
    that man who weds himself to inhumanity
    thanks to reckless daring. Never share my hearth
    never think my thoughts, whoever does such things.
    Aye, there’s the rub. Hell, there’s the entire series.

  3. Oh, and the child? Until you’ve had a child, and found your sleep patterns, hell, your life patterns, destroyed, shredded, chewed up by a coyote and heaved off a cliff, you have no idea what it’s like, what you go through. That tiny room with the crying child you can’t escape and have to respond to? Perfect metaphor of how bad it can be. Perfect reason to be on antidepressants and slightly paranoid and not sure which end is up. Perfect reason to be pissed at your mate for leaving you constantly, then finding him in a bar having fun WHILE YOU’RE AT HOME DEALING WITH THE SCREAMING KID!!!!!!!
    Afterthought? No. Explanation. Reason. Purpose. Cally was over the edge already? There’s why.
    Excellent writing. Simply excellent.

  4. Fuck.
    Is what we’re watching evolution? Or is it, like RMJ offers, like Whedon, like Simon, the justice of the gods?

  5. For a stressed, genocided civilization that has banned abortion, there’s a dearth of social service folk — hell, even relief child care — to help The Future of The Race’s parents out.
    I think Cally wouldn’t have twigged to Chief’s Cylonishness so soon if she were able to get three or four nights’ rest.

  6. Jesus, Lee, be a little more of a tool, why don’t you? Lampkin’s tool, Zarek’s tool, it’s not that you’re wrong, it’s that you’re obviously their automobile on the road to hell
    Great imagery. Apparently Lee packed away his spine — and his brains — when he packed away the uniform.
    Still think he ends up acting Prez at some point.
    And Tory…holy shit! Scariest thing about that girl was the trailers for next week’s epi. She’s gonna end up making Cavil look positively benevolent. She’s rapidly becoming the worst nightmare of a Cylon.
    Kara and Cally are both pissing me off.

  7. So if Tory is strong enough to knock Cally halfway across the airlock with one backhanded slap, wouldn’t Galen and Sam be frackin terminators? And wouldn’t that have been a clue a loooong time ago that maybe they weren’t completely normal?

  8. What an episode!
    And the Sixes/Eights are now truly gone? Wonder how that plays out… I guess that means there will be no Cylon unification – or will it?
    Cottle – what a man. Perhaps the tuest man in the Fleet.
    Cally – the whole time in the airlock I’m yelling – push the plunger dammit! Justice (unfortunately) not served.
    What a great show.

  9. SP, there’s still the Six on Galactica, and Sharon. For whatever that’s worth.
    Yeah, Cally needed her mom, or somebody, to come over and say, “Go get some shut-eye for a night, I’ll watch the kid.” Forget social services, what about friends who’d babysit while she and the Chief had a moment? I know everybody’s bonkers and the world is quite literally ending, but come the hell on, let’s admit that if they can find time to play Strip Poker, they can find time to hang out with Nicky for a night.

  10. Didn’t see Cally’s demise coming. (That last shot of her – dead – reminded me of the Star Child from the end of “2001” but I’m not going to read anything into that.)

    Six: Escort him off the ship…

    Courtesy pays!

  11. And then there was the line (I know I have it wrong in some particular): “We don’t have souls. We’re machines, remember?”
    Which turns the whole thing inside out. Again. “Never share my hearth, never think my thoughts.” But whose hearth? Whose thoughts?
    Frak. Like Kara said: “Frak me.” Except she meant it. How often do you hear that, even?

  12. Since everything else has been said about one of the most amazing hours of TV I’ve ever sat through, I have to say many of the most horrifying, tense moments wouldn’t have been nearly as such without that insane sountrack.

  13. So, am i the only one who is now convinced that Cally is the last Cylon? I fully expect to see her again.

  14. Blak, I also think the persistent repetitive baby crying added. It’s unusual to see a real child crying that much in one show- they must have had to film it over a longer period of time- there are regulations about that kind of thing.
    But it was driving me crazy- it’s impossible not to have a visceral reaction to that noise.
    very effective.

  15. (should have waited a minute before hitting post)
    Two things, first, her depression and confusion began at the same time the others started hearing Bob Dylan. She probably did too, but it just never occurred to her to talk about it to anyone. Actually, completely in character.
    Second, that would mean the child is naturally born or two cylons.

  16. What’s more disturbing:
    That Cally was programmed to love Tyrol, no matter how he punched her, ignored her or just loved her diffidently, or that she wasn’t, but chose the one of the five by sheer accident to bond with, to love enough to become successfully fertile?
    And why is it that the women of color on this frakking show are the ones I most want to punch in the face? It’s now a contest between Dualla and Tory about who’ll disgust me at any moment. I don’t think I’m wrong, but I never hated Cally as much as I hated Dualla, when she discarded sweet Billy like last night’s tampon.

  17. I’m convinced that Cally was human.
    The final scene with her and Galen was chilling. Galen is trying to do the right thing and all Cally can hear is this horrifying, alien voice coming from her husband’s mouth.

  18. Why did they send all of the intelligence and military hierarchy on a garbage ship with two vipers? Coupled with Lee taking off, who exactly is going to defend the fleet? Right now, the goings on in Cylonia are 100 times more interesting than the fleet.

  19. Such a brilliant, briliant episode. I’ve hated Tori from the start. At first it was simply, “You’re not Billy,” but I’ve never been able to warm up to her as a character.
    And now she’s gone and spaced Cally. Oh. Em. Gee.
    My guess as to why Gaeta is on theDemetrius is that Kara (or Helo) picked him purely for his expertise. He is responsible for calculating many of the Fleet’s jumps, and was helping Kara with star charts and the like when she first came back from the dead. I’m thinking it’s more a logical decision to bring him along than “Hey, Felix! Road trip!”

  20. Concur with all above. Biggest question I had was, what’s with the traveling circus with Kara? Why is the ENTIRE BRIDGE CREW with her instead of running Galactica? WTF, over? I know they want screen time, but it just makes no sense.
    I liked Cally, yeah the kid was a pain, but she’s been a strong character throughout the series. Spacing her like that was wrong, if it was just to emphasize what a bitch Tory is.

  21. I’m glad Cally’s gone. She was an insufferable bitch, even before the kid came along. I expected her to kill herself, though, and not to be spaced by Tori. Then again, Tori is a Cylon and part of her internal programming (which she may not be aware of and cannot yet control) was to save the hybrid child and cause less suffering to Chief/Galen, in the name of their survival.
    Call me a Tori sympathizer if you wish, but her problems, right from the start, are as valid as Cally’s. Being a career-minded and lonely single woman does not make her any more of a bitch than Cally.
    Also, I’m starting to think the Veep is the last Cylon given that he was on the original series.

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