Your President Speaks!

Yesterday, at theWhite House.

What He Got

He has grown — got 100 employees now.

Doesn’t Like To Say It’s A Recession

This is obviously a difficult time for the economy, and I like to say it’s a rough patch.

Holy Crap!™

And it’s going to take a while for this to have an effect. The experts tell me that — you’ve got these economists say, on the one hand, and on the other hand — if they had three hands, it would be three opinions, but nevertheless — with all due respect to some of my economist friends here.

Pretty Well Consensus

But pretty well consensus that the stimulus package, when it takes full effect, will affect our growth in the third quarter, which begins in July of this year.

What He Got

A couple other issues now that I got you stuck here.

More Than One Syllable

And finally, I strongly believe that Congress should allow small businesses to pool risk across jurisdictional boundaries — those are long words — like if you’re a restaurant guy in Texas, you ought be able to put your employees in the same risk pool as a restaurant person in Maryland.


In other words, the product that they — selling is more expensive because of the tariffs.

What This Vote Has Got

The other thing is this vote has got enormous national policy implications.

Synaptic Stumble

First of all, it’s in our interest to have a neighborhood that’s free, when people who believe in rule of law and human rights — support leaders in our neighborhood that are tough on dealing with narco-traffickers.

Was 26 — And Drunk — When Truman Died

I’m convinced — I’ve never had a visit with Harry at all, but I’m convinced that he would say, the lessons I learned in trying to be a small business owner are lessons that are important for a decision-maker in the White House.

2 thoughts on “Your President Speaks!

  1. And what about the things Bush learned as a small business owner? How has he applied THOSE lessons to running the country?

  2. Nora,
    I guess we’re in agreement with Molly Ivins (?sp?) that Shrub ran all his small businesses into the ground only to be rescued by some unknown donor?

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